Bryan Cranston Scripts

Although best known for his television role as chemistry teacher Walter White on AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad (2008-present); Bryan Cranston has had a fulfilling career as a film actor as well. Cranston has showcased his talents in a variety of well known (as well as underground) pop favorites such as Drive (2011) and the Academy Award winning war epic Saving Private Ryan (1998).
His career has been littered with television show roles as well as stints of voice acting in hit shows from Adult Swim and Fox. The actor has proven himself in many different genres and has now made a huge impression in his television acting performances.
Cranston’s career is a wonderful reminder of how important diversifying is in the artistic industry. As many a wise man will tell you- don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If Cranston had focused on a film career, voice acting career or a television acting career solitarily, he may not have reached the success that he is reaping at this moment. The many diversified opportunities gave him plenty of opportunity to be heard and seen by the public. In addition, the experience gained from working on different types of sets have molded him into a better actor to work with and to see.
There is no excuse for not trying new things. It may be the thing to save your career in the art industry.


  1. (2012) Argo Script
  2. (2012) Total Recall Script
  3. (2012) Rock of Ages
  4. (2012) John Carter
  5. (2012) Red Tails
  6. (2011) Contagion Script
  7. (2011) Larry Crowne Script
  8. (2011) Leave
  9. (2011) Drive Script
  10. (2011) Detachment
  11. (2011) The Lincoln Lawyer Script
  12. (2010) Love Ranch
  13. (2007) Hard Four
  14. (2006) Dark Mind
  15. (2006) Little Miss Sunshine Script
  16. (2004) Illusion
  17. (2004) Seeing Other People
  18. (2000) Terror Tract
  19. (2000) The Prince of Light
  20. (2000) The Big Thing
  21. (1999) Last Chance
  22. (1998) Saving Private Ryan Script
  23. (1997) Strategic Command
  24. (1996) Street Corner Justice
  25. (1996) That Thing You Do! [Transcript]
  26. (1994) Clean Slate
  27. (1994) Erotique
  28. (1991) Dead Space
  29. (1990) Corporate Affairs
  30. (1988) The Big Turnaround
  31. (1987) Amazon Women on the Moon
  32. (1987) Wings of Honneamise