Cillian Murphy Scripts

The young irish rogue, Cillian Murphy, has created an image of himself as a seductive yet dangerous villian. From his role as “The Scarecrow” aka Jonathan Crane from the new Batman series, his odd muscular structure and penetrating eyes have captured audiences as someone who is NOT to be trusted.

This is a great opportunity for Murphy because a villain is often as difficult to find as a hero in the film industry. However, he has diversified his interests in other roles such as his breakthrough hero role in 28 Days Later (2002) which utilized his same features to show a character that was desperately suffering in a post-apocalyptic world.

There’s no telling where Murphy’s career will settle as he has been all over the place in terms of roles. He can be humorous, villainous and serious which are all traits of a long-term actor.

Actors who hope for long term fame would do well to research the films that this particular actor has on his resume.

  1. (2012) The Dark Knight Rises
  2. (2012) Broken
  3. (2012) Red Lights
  4. (2011) In Time
  5. (2011) Retreat
  6. (2010) TRON: Legacy
  7. (2010) Inception Script 
  8. (2010) Peacock
  9. (2009) Perrier’s Bounty
  10. (2008) The Dark Knight Script 
  11. (2008) The Edge of Love
  12. (2007) Watching the Detectives
  13. (2007) Sunshine Script ($)
  14. (2006) The Wind That Shakes the Barley Script [$]
  15. (2005) Breakfast on Pluto Script [Library Available] 
  16. (2005) Red Eye [Transcript]
  17. (2005) Batman Begins Script 
  18. (2003) Cold Mountain Script ($)
  19. (2003) Girl with a Pearl Earring Script
  20. (2003) Intermission [Transcript]
  21. (2002) 28 Days Later… Script ($)
  22. (2001) Disco Pigs Script ($)
  23. (2001) How Harry Became a Tree
  24. (2001) On the Edge
  25. (1999) The Trench
  26. (1999) Sunburn
  27. (1998) Sweety Barrett

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