David Koepp Scripts

Born and raised in Wisconsin, he obtained his bachelor’s in film in the UCLA. After some minor hits (Bad Influence, Death Becomes Her), in which Koepp already proved his ability to combine audience-pleasing action with a solid plot, he was chosen by Steven Spielberg to write Jurassic Park.


Koepp has become one of Hollywood’s preferred go-to writers ever since, especially for big budget adaptations (The Lost World, Spider-Man, Angels and Demons). He has collaborated repeatedly with some of the most commercially successful directors of the last decades, including Ron Howard, Robert Zemeckis, Brian DePalma, and of course Spielberg among others.

His knack for showiness and entertainment is complemented by his flexibility as a writer: he has provided quality scripts for a wide variety of genres, occupying the director’s chair in some occasions as well with moderate success (The Trigger Effect, A Stir of Echoes, Ghost Town), and created the TV series Hack. He will return to his Spielberg partnership for the fifth time as the screenwriter of the last Indiana Jones installment.

(1988) Apartment Zero
(1990) Bad Influence
(1991) Toy Soldiers
(1992) Death Becomes Her
(1993) Jurassic Park
(1993) Carlito’s Way
(1994) The Paper
(1994) The Shadow
(1996) Mission: Impossible
(1996) The Trigger Effect
(1997) The Lost World: Jurassic Park
(1998) Snake Eyes
(1999) Stir of Echoes
(2002) Panic Room
(2002) Spider-Man
(2004) Secret Window
(2005) War of the Worlds
(2005) Zathura
(2008) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
(2008) Ghost Town
(2009) Angels and Demons
(2011) The Little Engine that Could
(2012) Premium Rush
(2014) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
(2015) Mortdecai
(2016) Inferno