David Lynch Scripts

David Lynch is one of the few directors who have been able to break the conventions of Hollywood and still manage to be successful. Since 1968, Lynch has created several films that aim to distort and manipulate the world in a way that confounds the audience- sometimes to the point of traumatization. Lynch’s films are often filled with symbolism and beautiful imagery that appear to be tied into each other to tell a story. However, the films are understated in a way that allows each audience member to come to their own conclusions, if any, about the film’s purpose.

Lynch’s films are hailed by critics and the mainstream audiences alike despite the fact that his films often are bizarre and disturbing. For instance, the film Blue Velvet (1986) is a journey into a psychotic love triangle that is fueled by perversity such as voyeurism, sadomasochism and a variety of other disturbing sexual qualities. However, Lynch’s films are not pornography nor should they be placed in the same category. Lynch explores many aspects of human experience from different perspectives than most mainstream audiences are used to seeing. Anyone interested in the film industry would do themselves a favor by viewing some of Lynch films.