James L. Brooks Movie Scripts

As one of the small handful of directors who have won best picture, best screenplay and best director for the same film, James L. Brooks has earned his spot under the Hollywood limelight after years of honing his craft as a writer for television. The multi-academy award winning writer-director has managed to captivate audiences with his unique and provocative sense of filmmaking.

And though he has but a handful of feature length movies under his belt, his numerous awards and impeccable taste for good stories has earned him a place in cinema history.

Check out his collection of feature length screenplays, written and directed by him.

1. How Do You Know Script (2010)
2. Spanglish Script (2004)
3. As Good As It Gets Script (1997)
4. I’ll Do Anything Script (1994)
5. Broadcast News Script (1987)
6. Terms of Endearment Script (PDF Download) (1983)