Lee Unkrich Scripts

As one of the profound minds working behind the scenes at Pixar Animation Studios, Lee Unkrich can easily be considered a pioneer (as most of the staff are) in the field of animation. Although his directing resume is small, each film has already become a household name across America and throughout the world. The devotion and time that goes into each project can not be overemphasized as Unkrich is responsible for the work of tons of animators and writers in addition to being held accountable to his co-directing partner. Needless to say, Unkrich has got one of the hardest jobs in America; yet, also one of the most fulfilling.

His educational background is impressive as he studied film at the University of Southern California before starting his position at Pixar Animation Studios. All in all, Unkrich’s life is proof that education does count for something, even in the film industry. Many jobs that exist in the film industry rely on the latest technological advancements and college level intellect in order to create something to impress the increasingly smarter, internet-savvy film goers that are now erupting in this new age. Any person who wishes to follow in Unkrich’s shoes will do well to study and develop responsibility to last them in this field.


  1. (2010) Toy Story 3 Script 
  2. (2003) Finding Nemo Script
  3. (2001) Monsters, Inc.
  4. (1999) Toy Story 2 Script