On Dangerous Ground Script

On Dangerous Ground poster thumbnail
Director:Nicholas Ray, Ida Lupino
Written by:Nicholas Ray (Adaptation), A.I. Bezzerides (Screenplay), A.I. Bezzerides (Adaptation), Gerald Butler (Novel)

Script Synopsis:A big-city cop is reassigned to the country after his superiors find him too angry to be an effective policeman. While on his temporary assignment he assists in a manhunt of a suspected murderer.

Juke Girl Script

Juke Girl poster thumbnail
Director:Curtis Bernhardt
Written by:A.I. Bezzerides (Screenplay), Kenneth Gamet (Adaptation), Theodore Pratt (Story)

Script Synopsis:During the depths of the Great Depression a hitch-hiker Steve Talbot and jukebox-joint hostess Lola Mears stumble into Cat-Tail Florida where farmers and pickers struggle under the buyer who rules by monopoly, dirty contracts and violence. Steve helps organize against the buyer, leading to further escalation ending in a lynch mob.

They Drive by Night Script

They Drive by Night poster thumbnail
Director:Raoul Walsh
Written by:Jerry Wald (Screenplay), Richard Macaulay (Screenplay), A.I. Bezzerides (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Joe and Paul Fabrini are Wildcat or, independent truck drivers who have their own small one truck business. The Fabrini boys constantly battle distributors, rivals and loan collectors, while trying to make a success of their transport company.