Gentleman Jim Script

Gentleman Jim poster thumbnail
Director:Raoul Walsh
Written by:Horace McCoy (Screenplay), Hugh Cummings (Dialogue), Vincent Lawrence (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:As bareknuckled boxing enters the modern era, brash extrovert Jim Corbett uses new rules and dazzlingly innovative footwork to rise to the top of the top of the boxing world.

Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. Script

Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. poster thumbnail
Director:Raoul Walsh
Written by:C.S. Forester (Novel), Ivan Goff (Screenplay), Ben Roberts (Screenplay), Æneas MacKenzie (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A naval adventure, based on the novels by C.S. Forester, about the heroic, 19th-century British seafarer. The story sails with his ship, the Lydia, through battles with Spain and then France won with wit rather than might.

The Enforcer (1951) Script

The Enforcer poster thumbnail
Director:Bretaigne Windust, Raoul Walsh
Written by:Martin Rackin (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:After years of investigation, Assistant District Attorney Martin Ferguson has managed to build a solid case against an elusive gangster whose top lieutenant is about to testify…

Me and My Gal Script

Me and My Gal poster thumbnail
Director:Raoul Walsh

Script Synopsis:Jaunty young policeman Danny Dolan falls in love with waterfront cafe waitress Helen Riley.

They Drive by Night Script

They Drive by Night poster thumbnail
Director:Raoul Walsh
Written by:Jerry Wald (Screenplay), Richard Macaulay (Screenplay), A.I. Bezzerides (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Joe and Paul Fabrini are Wildcat or, independent truck drivers who have their own small one truck business. The Fabrini boys constantly battle distributors, rivals and loan collectors, while trying to make a success of their transport company.

They Died with Their Boots On Script

They Died with Their Boots On poster thumbnail
Director:Raoul Walsh
Written by:Wally Kline (Screenplay), Æneas MacKenzie (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The story follows General George Armstrong Custer's adventures from his West Point days to his death. He defies orders during the Civil War, trains the 7th Cavalry, appeases Chief Crazy Horse and later engages in bloody battle with the Sioux nation.

The Roaring Twenties Script

The Roaring Twenties poster thumbnail
Director:Raoul Walsh
Written by:Jerry Wald (Screenplay), Richard Macaulay (Screenplay), Robert Rossen (Screenplay), Mark Hellinger (Story)

Script Synopsis:After World War I, Armistice Lloyd Hart goes back to practice law, former saloon keeper George Hally turns to bootlegging, and out-of-work Eddie Bartlett becomes a cab driver. Eddie builds a fleet of cabs through delivery of bootleg liquor and hires Lloyd as his lawyer. George becomes Eddie's partner and the rackets flourish until love and rivalry interfere.

Objective, Burma! Script

Objective, Burma! poster thumbnail
Director:Raoul Walsh
Written by:Ranald MacDougall (Screenplay), Lester Cole (Screenplay), Alvah Bessie (Story)

Script Synopsis:A group of men parachute into Japanese-occupied Burma with a dangerous and important mission: to locate and blow up a radar station. They accomplish this well enough, but when they try to rendezvous at an old air-strip to be taken back to their base, they find Japanese waiting for them, and they must make a long, difficult walk back through enemy-occupied jungle.

The Yellow Ticket Script

The Yellow Ticket poster thumbnail
Director:Raoul Walsh

Script Synopsis:A young Russian girl is forced into a life of prostitution in Czarist Russia, and she and a British journalist find their lives endangered when she reveals to him information regarding the social crimes rampant in her country.

High Sierra Script

High Sierra poster thumbnail
Director:Raoul Walsh
Written by:W.R. Burnett (Screenplay), W.R. Burnett (Novel), John Huston (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Given a pardon from jail, Roy Earle gets back into the swing of things as he robs a swanky resort.