Fear City Script

Fear City poster thumbnail
Director:Abel Ferrara
Written by:Nicholas St. John (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Strippers in Manhattan are being stalked and murdered by a psycho. A hard-nosed police detective and a conflicted ex-boxer-turned-private-eye, hired by the strip club owners, set out to find him before he strikes again.

Cat Chaser Script

Cat Chaser poster thumbnail
Director:Abel Ferrara
Written by:Elmore Leonard (Novel), James Borrelli (Screenplay), Elmore Leonard (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A Miami hotel owner finds danger when be becomes romantically involved with the wife of a deposed general from the Dominican Republic where he fought many years back.

King Of New York Script

King Of New York poster thumbnail
Director:Abel Ferrara
Written by:Nicholas St. John (Author)

Script Synopsis:A former drug lord returns from prison determined to wipe out all his competition and distribute the profits of his operations to New York's poor and lower classes in this stylish and ultra violent modern twist on Robin Hood.

Body Snatchers Script

Body Snatchers poster thumbnail
Director:Abel Ferrara
Written by:Jack Finney (Novel), Raymond Cistheri (Screenplay), Larry Cohen (Screenplay), Stuart Gordon (Screenplay), Dennis Paoli (Screenplay), Nicholas St. John (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When Environmental Protection Agency inspector Steve Malone travels to a remote military base in order to check for toxic materials, he brings his family along for the ride. After arriving at the base, his teenage daughter Marti befriends Jean Platt, daughter of the base's commander, General Platt. When people at the base begin acting strangely, Marti becomes convinced that they are slowly being replaced by plant-like aliens.

Dangerous Game Script

Dangerous Game poster thumbnail
Director:Abel Ferrara
Written by:Nicholas St. John (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A New York film director, working on his latest movie in Los Angeles, begins to reflect the actions in his movie and real life, especially when he begins an affair with the lead actress.

The Funeral Script

The Funeral poster thumbnail
Director:Abel Ferrara
Written by:Nicholas St. John (Writer)

Script Synopsis:The story concerns the funeral of one of three brothers in a family of gangsters that lived in New York in 1930s. Details of the past of the brothers and their families are shown through a series of flashbacks.

New Rose Hotel Script

New Rose Hotel poster thumbnail
Director:Abel Ferrara
Written by:Abel Ferrara (Screenplay), William Gibson (Story)

Script Synopsis:A corporate raider and his henchman use a chanteuse to lure a scientific genius away from his employer and family.

R Xmas Script

R Xmas poster thumbnail
Director:Abel Ferrara
Written by:Cassandra De Jesus (Story), Abel Ferrara (Writer), Scott Pardo (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A New York drug dealer is kidnapped, and his wife must try to come up with the money and drugs to free him from his abductors before Christmas.

Bad Lieutenant

Bad Lieutenant poster thumbnail
Director:Abel Ferrara
Written by:Zoë Lund (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:While investigating a young nun's rape, a corrupt New York City police detective, with a serious drug and gambling addiction, tries to change his ways and find forgiveness.