Robo Warriors Script

Robo Warriors poster thumbnail
Director:Ian Barry
Written by:Stuart Gordon (Writer), Michael Berlin (Writer)

Script Synopsis:The year is 2036 and Earth has been invaded: hope lies with the last Robo Warrior - a towering fighting machine.

Robot Jox Script

Robot Jox poster thumbnail
Director:Stuart Gordon
Written by:Joe Haldeman (Screenplay), Stuart Gordon (Story)

Script Synopsis:50 years after a nuclear war, the two superpowers handle territorial disputes in a different way. Each fields a giant robot to fight one-on-one battles in official matches, each piloted by a man inside, known as robot jockeys or jox. The contest for possession of Alaska will be fought by two of the best. The conscientious Achilles fights for the Americans. Opposing him is a Russian, Alexander.

Edmond Script

Edmond poster thumbnail
Director:Stuart Gordon
Written by:David Mamet (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Seemingly mild-mannered businessman Edmond Burke visits a fortuneteller and hears a remark that spurs him to leave his wife abruptly and seek what is missing from his life. Encounters with strangers and unsavory people weaken the barriers encompassing his long-suppressed rage, until Edmond explodes in violence.

Re-Animator Script

Re-Animator poster thumbnail
Director:Stuart Gordon
Written by:H. P. Lovecraft (Story), Dennis Paoli (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A dedicated student at a medical college and his girlfriend become involved in bizarre experiments centering around the re-animation of dead tissue when an odd new student arrives on campus.

From Beyond Script

From Beyond poster thumbnail
Director:Stuart Gordon
Written by:H. P. Lovecraft (Novel), Stuart Gordon (Adaptation), Brian Yuzna (Adaptation), Dennis Paoli (Adaptation), Dennis Paoli (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A group of scientists have developed the Resonator, a machine which allows whoever is within range to see beyond normal perceptible reality. But when the experiment succeeds, they are immediately attacked by terrible life forms.

Dolls Script

Dolls poster thumbnail
Director:Stuart Gordon
Written by:Ed Naha (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A group of people stop by a mansion during a storm and discover two magical toy makers, and their haunted collection of dolls.

The Pit And The Pendulum Script

The Pit And The Pendulum poster thumbnail
Director:Stuart Gordon
Written by:Dennis Paoli (Screenplay), Edgar Allan Poe (Original Story)

Script Synopsis:Set during the height of Spanish Inquisition. The beautiful and kind-hearted Maria is arrested as a witch when she inadvertently cries out in horror at the public whipping of a child. As Maria’s husband Antonio tries to save her, Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor, determines to punish Maria with torture for the desire she inflames in him. Loosely based on Edgar Allen Poe's classic short story.

Honey I Blew Up The Kid Script

Honey I Blew Up The Kid poster thumbnail
Director:Randal Kleiser
Written by:Stuart Gordon (Characters), Brian Yuzna (Characters), Ed Naha (Characters), Garry Goodrow (Screenplay), Thom Eberhardt (Screenplay), Peter Elbling (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Wayne Szalinski is at it again. But instead of shrinking things, he tries to make a machine that can make things grow. As in the first one, his machine isn't quite accurate. But when he brings Nick & his toddler son Adam to see his invention, the machine unexpectedly starts working. And when Adam comes right up to the machine, he gets zapped along with his stuffed bunny.

Body Snatchers Script

Body Snatchers poster thumbnail
Director:Abel Ferrara
Written by:Jack Finney (Novel), Raymond Cistheri (Screenplay), Larry Cohen (Screenplay), Stuart Gordon (Screenplay), Dennis Paoli (Screenplay), Nicholas St. John (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When Environmental Protection Agency inspector Steve Malone travels to a remote military base in order to check for toxic materials, he brings his family along for the ride. After arriving at the base, his teenage daughter Marti befriends Jean Platt, daughter of the base's commander, General Platt. When people at the base begin acting strangely, Marti becomes convinced that they are slowly being replaced by plant-like aliens.

The Fortress Script

The Fortress poster thumbnail
Director:Stuart Gordon
Written by:Steven Feinberg (Screenplay), David Venable (Screenplay), Terry Curtis Fox (Screenplay), Troy Neighbors (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A futuristic prison movie. Protagonist and wife are nabbed at a future US emigration point with an illegal baby during population control. The resulting prison experience is the subject of the movie. The prison is a futuristic one run by a private corporation bent on mind control in various ways