Sunday Lovers Script

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Director:Bryan Forbes, Édouard Molinaro, Dino Risi, Gene Wilder

Script Synopsis:A sex comedy anthology containing four stories, each from a different country (England, France, USA and Italy). "An Englishman's Home" "The French Method" "Armando's Notebook" "Skippy"

The Stepford Wives Script

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Director:Bryan Forbes
Written by:Ira Levin (Novel), William Goldman (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The urban aspirant photographer Joanna Eberhart moves from Manhattan to Stepford, Connecticut with her family. Her husband Walter Eberhart decided to live in a calm suburb, but Joanna did not like the neighborhood with beautiful and perfect housewives. She becomes friend of Bobbie Markowe and Charmaine Wimperis, and when they change Joanna tries to escape.

Hopscotch Script

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Director:Ronald Neame
Written by:Brian Garfield (Screenplay), Bryan Forbes (Screenplay), Brian Garfield (Author)

Script Synopsis:When CIA operative Miles Kendig deliberately lets KGB agent Yaskov get away, his boss threatens to retire him. Kendig beats him to it, however, destroying his own records and traveling to Austria where he begins work on a memoir that will expose all his former agency's covert practices. The CIA catches wind of the book and sends other agents after him, initiating a frenetic game of cat and mouse that spans the globe.

The Naked Face Script

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Director:Bryan Forbes
Written by:Bryan Forbes (Writer), Sidney Sheldon (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Chicago psychiatrist Judd Stevens (Roger Moore) is suspected of murdering one of his patients when the man turns up stabbed to death in the middle of the city. After repeated attempts to convince cops Rod Steiger and Elliott Gould of his innocence, Dr.Stevens is forced to go after the real villains himself, and he finds himself up against one of the city's most notorious Mafia kingpins.

Chaplin Script

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Director:Richard Attenborough
Written by:David Robinson (Novel), Charlie Chaplin (Novel), William Boyd (Screenplay), Bryan Forbes (Screenplay), William Goldman (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:An elderly Charlie Chaplin discusses his autobiography with his editor, while is depicted his amazing journey from his poverty-stricken childhood to world-wide success after the ingenious invention of the Little Tramp.