Deathtrap Script

Deathtrap poster thumbnail
Director:Sidney Lumet
Written by:Jay Presson Allen (Screenplay), Ira Levin (Theatre Play), Ira Levin (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A Broadway playwright puts murder in his plan to take credit for a student's script.

No Time For Sergeants Script

No Time For Sergeants poster thumbnail
Director:Mervyn LeRoy
Written by:John Lee Mahin (Screenplay), Ira Levin (Theatre Play), Mac Hyman (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Georgia farm boy Will Stockdale is about to bust with pride. He’s been drafted. Will’s ready. But is Uncle Sam ready for Will? In No Time for Sergeants, Andy Griffith is certifiably funny in the role that clinched his stardom. Wearing a friendly, wide grin, he ambles into the U.S. Air Force – and lots of folks’ll never be the same.

The Stepford Wives Script

The Stepford Wives poster thumbnail
Director:Bryan Forbes
Written by:Ira Levin (Novel), William Goldman (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The urban aspirant photographer Joanna Eberhart moves from Manhattan to Stepford, Connecticut with her family. Her husband Walter Eberhart decided to live in a calm suburb, but Joanna did not like the neighborhood with beautiful and perfect housewives. She becomes friend of Bobbie Markowe and Charmaine Wimperis, and when they change Joanna tries to escape.

Boys From Brazil Script

Boys From Brazil poster thumbnail
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner
Written by:Heywood Gould (Screenplay), Ira Levin (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman discovers a sinister and bizarre plot to rekindle the Third Reich.

Sliver Script

Sliver poster thumbnail
Director:Phillip Noyce
Written by:Joe Eszterhas (Screenplay), Ira Levin (Author)

Script Synopsis:A woman moves into an apartment in Manhattan and learns that the previous tenant's life ended mysteriously after they fell from the balcony.

Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary's Baby poster thumbnail
Director:Roman Polanski
Written by:Roman Polanski (Screenplay), Ira Levin (Novel)

Script Synopsis:A young couple moves into an infamous New York apartment building to start a family. Things become frightening as Rosemary begins to suspect her unborn baby isn’t safe around their strange neighbors.