Now, Voyager Script

Now, Voyager poster thumbnail
Director:Irving Rapper
Written by:Casey Robinson (Screenplay), Olive Higgins Prouty (Novel)

Script Synopsis:A woman suffers a nervous breakdown and an oppressive mother before being freed by the love of a man she meets on a cruise.

Dark Victory Script

Dark Victory poster thumbnail
Director:Edmund Goulding
Written by:Casey Robinson (Screenplay), George Emerson Brewer Jr. (Theatre Play), Bertram Bloch (Theatre Play)

Script Synopsis:A flighty heiress discovers inner strength when she develops a brain tumor.

All This, and Heaven Too Script

All This, and Heaven Too poster thumbnail
Director:Anatole Litvak
Written by:Rachel Field (Writer), Casey Robinson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When lovely and virtuous governess Henriette Deluzy comes to educate the children of the debonair Duc de Praslin, a royal subject to King Louis-Philippe and the husband of the volatile and obsessive Duchesse de Praslin, she instantly incurs the wrath of her mistress, who is insanely jealous of anyone who comes near her estranged husband. Though she saves the duchess's little son from a near-death illness and warms herself to all the children, she is nevertheless dismissed by the vengeful duchess. Meanwhile, the attraction between the duke and Henriette continues to grow, eventually leading to tragedy.

Captain Blood Script

Captain Blood poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Curtiz
Written by:Rafael Sabatini (Novel), Casey Robinson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Dr. Peter Blood, unjustly convicted of treason and exiled from England, becomes a notorious pirate.

Passage To Marseille Script

Passage To Marseille poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Curtiz
Written by:Casey Robinson (Screenplay), Jack Moffitt (Screenplay), Charles Nordhoff (Novel), James Norman Hall (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Matrac (Humphrey Bogart) is a freedom-loving French journalist who sacrifices his happiness and security to battle Nazi tyranny.

The Egyptian

The Egyptian poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Curtiz
Written by:Philip Dunne (Screenplay), Casey Robinson (Screenplay), Mika Waltari (Novel)

Script Synopsis:In eighteenth-dynasty Egypt, Sinuhe, a poor orphan, becomes a brilliant physician and with his friend Horemheb is appointed to the service of the new Pharoah. Sinuhe's personal triumphs and tragedies are played against the larger canvas of the turbulent events of the 18th dynasty. As Sinuhe is drawn into court intrigues he learns the answers to the questions he has sought since his birth.

While the City Sleeps

While the City Sleeps poster thumbnail
Director:Fritz Lang
Written by:Casey Robinson (Writer), Charles Einstein (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Newspaper men compete against each other to find a serial killer dubbed "The Lipstick Killer"

Casablanca Script

Casablanca poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Curtiz
Written by:Murray Burnett (Author), Joan Alison (Author), Julius J. Epstein (Screenplay), Philip G. Epstein (Screenplay), Howard Koch (Screenplay), Casey Robinson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:In Casablanca, Morocco in December 1941, a cynical American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications.