Monkey Business (1952) Script

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Director:Howard Hawks
Written by:I. A. L. Diamond (Screenplay), Charles Lederer (Screenplay), Ben Hecht (Screenplay), Harry Segall (Story)

Script Synopsis:Research chemist Barnaby Fulton works on a fountain of youth pill for a chemical company. One of the labs chimps gets loose in the laboratory and mixes chemicals, but then pours the mix into the water cooler. When trying one of his own samples, washed down with water from the cooler, Fulton begins to act just like a twenty-year-old and believes his potion is working. Soon his wife and boss are also behaving like children.

Can Can Script

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Director:Walter Lang
Written by:Dorothy Kingsley (Screenplay), Charles Lederer (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:1896, Montmartre: the Can-Can, the dance in which the women lift their skirts, is forbidden. Nevertheless Simone has it performed every day in her night club. Her employees use their female charm to let the representatives of law enforcement look the other way - or even attend the shows. But then the young ambitious judge Philippe Forrestier decides to bring this to an end. Will Simone manage to twist him round her little finger, too? Her boyfriend Francois certainly doesn't like to watch her trying.

I Was A Male War Bride Script

I Was A Male War Bride poster thumbnail
Director:Howard Hawks
Written by:Charles Lederer (Screenplay), Leonard Spigelgass (Screenplay), Hagar Wilde (Screenplay), Henri Rochard (Story)

Script Synopsis:Captain Henri Rochard is a French officer assigned to work with Lieut. Catherine Gates. Through a wacky series of misadventures, they fall in love and marry. When the war ends, Capt. Rochard tries to return to America with the other female war brides. Zany gender-confusing antics follow.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Script

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Director:Howard Hawks
Written by:Anita Loos (Novel), Joseph Fields (Theatre Play), Charles Lederer (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Lorelei Lee is a beautiful showgirl engaged to be married to the wealthy Gus Esmond, much to the disapproval of Gus' rich father, Esmond Sr., who thinks that Lorelei is just after his money. When Lorelei goes on a cruise accompanied only by her best friend, Dorothy Shaw, Esmond Sr. hires Ernie Malone, a private detective, to follow her and report any questionable behavior that would disqualify her from the marriage.

Follow That Dream Script

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Director:Gordon Douglas
Written by:Charles Lederer (Screenplay), Richard Powell (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When the Kwimper family car runs out of gas on a new Florida highway and an officous state supervisor tries to run them off, Pop Kwimper digs in his heels and decides to do a little homesteading. He and his son Toby and their "adopted" children - Holly, Ariadne and the twins - start their own little community along a strip of the roadside.

Mutiny On The Bounty Script

Mutiny On The Bounty poster thumbnail
Director:Lewis Milestone
Written by:Charles Lederer (Screenplay), Charles Nordhoff (Novel)

Script Synopsis:The Bounty leaves Portsmouth in 1787. Its destination: to sail to Tahiti and load bread-fruit. Captain Bligh will do anything to get there as fast as possible, using any means to keep up a strict discipline. When they arrive at Tahiti, it is like a paradise for the crew, something completely different than the living hell aboard the ship. On the way back to England, officer Fletcher Christian becomes the leader of a mutiny.

The Spirit of St. Louis

The Spirit of St. Louis poster thumbnail
Director:Billy Wilder
Written by:Billy Wilder (Screenplay), Charles A. Lindbergh (Novel), Wendell Mayes (Screenplay), Charles Lederer (Adaptation)

Script Synopsis:Charles 'Slim' Lindbergh struggles to finance and design an airplane that will make his New York to Paris flight the first solo transatlantic crossing.

His Girl Friday

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Director:Howard Hawks
Written by:Ben Hecht (Theatre Play), Charles MacArthur (Theatre Play), Charles Lederer (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Hildy, the journalist former wife of newspaper editor Walter Burns, visits his office to inform him that she's engaged and will be getting remarried the next day. Walter can't let that happen and frames the fiancé, Bruce Baldwin, for one thing after another, to keep him temporarily held in prison, while trying to steer Hildy into returning to her old job as his employee.

The Thing From Another World

The Thing From Another World poster thumbnail
Director:Howard Hawks, Christian Nyby
Written by:Howard Hawks (Screenplay), Charles Lederer (Screenplay), Ben Hecht (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Scientists and U.S. Air Force officials fend off a blood-thirsty alien organism while at a remote arctic outpost.

The Lady from Shanghai

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Director:Orson Welles
Written by:Orson Welles (Screenplay), Sherwood King (Novel), William Castle (Writer), Charles Lederer (Writer), Fletcher Markle (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A romantic drifter gets caught between a corrupt tycoon and his voluptuous wife.