Robin And The 7 Hoods Script

Robin And The 7 Hoods poster thumbnail
Director:Gordon Douglas
Written by:David R. Schwartz (Writer)

Script Synopsis:In prohibition-era Chicago, the corrupt sheriff and Guy Gisborne, a south-side racketeer, knock off the boss Big Jim. Everyone falls in line behind Guy except Robbo, who controls the north side. Although he's out-gunned, Robbo wants to keep his own territory. A pool-playing dude from Indiana and the director of a boys' orphanage join forces with Robbo; and, when he gives some money to the orphanage, he becomes the toast of the town as a hood like Robin Hood. Meanwhile, Guy schemes to get rid of Robbo, and Big Jim's heretofore unknown daughter Marian appears and goes from man to man trying to find an ally in her quest to run the whole show. Can Robbo hold things together?

Them! Script

Them! poster thumbnail
Director:Gordon Douglas
Written by:Ted Sherdeman (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Nuclear tests in the desert result in the growth of gigantic mutant ants who menace cities in the American south-west as a team of investigators and the army search for a way to control their spread in this Cold War-era monster film.

Follow That Dream Script

Follow That Dream poster thumbnail
Director:Gordon Douglas
Written by:Charles Lederer (Screenplay), Richard Powell (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When the Kwimper family car runs out of gas on a new Florida highway and an officous state supervisor tries to run them off, Pop Kwimper digs in his heels and decides to do a little homesteading. He and his son Toby and their "adopted" children - Holly, Ariadne and the twins - start their own little community along a strip of the roadside.

In Like Flint Script

In Like Flint poster thumbnail
Director:Gordon Douglas
Written by:Hal Fimberg (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Flint is again called out of retirement when his old boss finds that he seems to have missed 90 seconds while golfing with the president. Flint finds that the president has been replaced by an actor (Flint's line [with a wistful look] is "An Actor as President?") Flint finds that a group of women have banded together to take over the world through subliminal brainwashing in beauty salons they own.

The Detective Script

The Detective poster thumbnail
Director:Gordon Douglas
Written by:Abby Mann (Screenplay), Roderick Thorpe (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Police detective Joe Leland investigates the murder of a homosexual man. While investigating, he discovers links to official corruption in New York City in this drama that delves into a world of sex and drugs.

Lady In Cement Script

Lady In Cement poster thumbnail
Director:Gordon Douglas
Written by:Marvin H. Albert (Novel), Marvin H. Albert (Screenplay), Jack Guss (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:While diving for sunken treasure, street-smart gumshoe Tony Rome finds the body of a gorgeous blonde, her feet stuck in a block of cement. Soon after, tough guy Waldo Gronski hires him to find a missing woman named Sandra Lomax, and Rome wonders if there's a connection. He sets about trying to locate the woman, and in no time finds himself mixed up with a beautiful party girl and a slippery racketeer.

Skin Game Script

Skin Game poster thumbnail
Director:Paul Bogart, Gordon Douglas
Written by:Peter Stone (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Quincy Drew (Garner) and Jason O'Rourke (Gossett) travel from town to town in the south of the United States during the slavery era. Drew claims to be a down-on-his-luck slave owner who is selling O'Rourke as a slave. Quincy gets the bidding rolling, sells Jason, and the two later meet up to split the profit. Jason was born a free man in New Jersey and is very well educated.

Viva Knievel! Script

Viva Knievel! poster thumbnail
Director:Gordon Douglas
Written by:Antonio Santillán (Screenplay), Antonio Santillán (Story), Norman Katkov (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The legendary stuntman plans his most incredible stunt yet while battling the mob in this action-adventure.

Way… Way Out

Way Way Out poster thumbnail
Director:Gordon Douglas
Written by:William Bowers (Writer), László Vadnay (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A platonically wed American couple run a lunar weather station near an unwed Soviet couple.