Top Five Script

Top Five poster thumbnail
Director:Chris Rock
Written by:Chris Rock (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A comedian tries to make it as a serious actor when his reality-TV star fiancé talks him into broadcasting their wedding on her TV show.

CB4 Script

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Director:Tamra Davis
Written by:Chris Rock (Story), Nelson George (Story), Chris Rock (Screenplay), Nelson George (Screenplay), Robert LoCash (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A "rockumentary", covering the rise to fame of MC Gusto, Stab Master Arson, and Dead Mike: members of the rap group "CB4". We soon learn that these three are not what they seem and don't apear to know as much about rap music as they claim... but a lack of musical ability in an artist never hurts sales, does it? You've just got to play the part of a rap star...

Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker Script

Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker poster thumbnail
Director:Keith Truesdell
Written by:Chris Rock (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Chris Rock brings his critically acclaimed brand of social commentary-themed humor to this 1999 standup comedy presentation from HBO. Also released as an album, Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker features Rock on-stage extolling his razor-sharp wit and wisdom on such topics as gun control, President Clinton, homophobia, racism, black leaders, and relationships.

The Head Of State Script

The Head Of State poster thumbnail
Director:Chris Rock
Written by:Chris Rock (Author), Ali LeRoi (Author)

Script Synopsis:When a presidential candidate dies unexpectedly in the middle of the campaign, the Democratic party unexpectedly picks a Washington, D.C. alderman, Mays Gilliam (Rock) as his replacement .

Down To Earth Script

Down To Earth poster thumbnail
Director:Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Written by:Chris Rock (Screenplay), Lance Crouther (Screenplay), Louis C.K. (Screenplay), Ali LeRoi (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:After dying before his time, an aspiring comic gets a second shot at life... by being reincarnated as a wealthy but un-likable businessman.

I Think I Love My Wife

I Think I Love My Wife poster thumbnail
Director:Chris Rock
Written by:Chris Rock (Screenplay), Louis C.K. (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Richard Cooper is a married man and father of two who is just plain bored with married life. Not getting any sex from his wife, he resorts to ogling random women on the street to the point that he takes lunch late to look at them. When old crush Nikki Tru visits his office to get a reference letter, she becomes obsessed with Cooper and they begin a complicated relationship.