Steelyard Blues Script

Steelyard Blues poster thumbnail
Director:Alan Myerson
Written by:David S. Ward (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A group of misfits decide to leave for a place that they can all be free. There mode of transportation is a PBY flying boat. The only problem is that the PBY needs a lot of work and they will need jobs to pay for the parts. When they find that they have only 10 days before the PBY is sold for scrap, they decide on borrowing the parts for their trip

Cannery Row Script

Cannery Row poster thumbnail
Director:David S. Ward
Written by:William Graham (Writer), John Steinbeck (Novel)

Script Synopsis:A depressed section of Monterey, California is the backdrop for an offbeat romantic comedy about a pair of mismatched lovers. Doc is a lonely marine biologist and former baseball star. Suzy is a scrappy, abrasive drifter who can't even succeed as a prostitute. Add Cannery Row's band of resident drunken derelicts to the mix and fireworks result, though not the romantic kind.

The Sting II Script

The Sting II poster thumbnail
Director:Jeremy Kagan
Written by:David S. Ward (Writer), Dean Riesner (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Hooker and Gondorf pull a con on Macalinski, an especially nasty mob boss with the help of Veronica, a new grifter. They convince this new victim that Hooker is a somewhat dull boxer who is tired of taking dives for Gondorf. There is a ringer. Lonigan, their victim from the first movie, is setting them up to take the fall.

King Ralph Script

King Ralph poster thumbnail
Director:David S. Ward
Written by:Emlyn Williams (Novel), David S. Ward (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:As the only relative to take over the Royal throne, a down on his luck American slob must learn the ways of the English.

Major League II Script

Major League II poster thumbnail
Director:David S. Ward
Written by:David S. Ward (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:After losing in the ALCS the year before, the Cleveland Indians are determined to make it into the World Series this time! However, they first have to contend with Rachel Phelps again when she buys back the team.

Down Periscope Script

Down Periscope poster thumbnail
Director:David S. Ward
Written by:Hugh Wilson (Screenplay), Andrew Kurtzman (Screenplay), Eliot Wald (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Bumbling Navy lieutenant Tom Dodge has been given one last chance to clean up his record. But Admiral Graham, his nemesis, assigns Dodge to the Stingray, a submarine that can barely keep afloat. To add insult to injury, the Stingray is to be the enemy flagship in the upcoming war games … and to make matters even worse, Dodge's crew is a band of idiots even more incompetent that he is!

Major League: Back To The Minors Script

Major League: Back To The Minors poster thumbnail
Director:John Warren
Written by:John Warren (Screenplay), David S. Ward (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:At the behest of Roger Dorn -- the Minnesota Twins' silver-tongued new owner -- washed-up minor league hurler Gus Cantrell steps up to the plate to take over as skipper of the club's hapless farm team. But little does he know that Dorn has an ulterior motive to generate publicity with a grudge match between the big leaguers and their ragtag Triple A affiliate.

The Sting

The Sting poster thumbnail
Director:George Roy Hill
Written by:David S. Ward (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Set in the 1930s this intricate caper deals with an ambitious small-time crook and a veteran con man who seek revenge on a vicious crime lord who murdered one of their gang.

The Program

The Program poster thumbnail
Director:David S. Ward
Written by:David S. Ward (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Several players from different backgrounds try to cope with the pressures of playing football at a major university. Each deals with the pressure differently, some turn to drinking, others to drugs, and some to studying.

Major League

Major League poster thumbnail
Director:David S. Ward
Written by:David S. Ward (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When Rachel Phelps inherits the Cleveland Indians from her deceased husband, she's determined to move the team to a warmer climate—but only a losing season will make that possible, which should be easy given the misfits she's hired. Rachel is sure her dream will come true, but she underestimates their will to succeed.