Second-Hand Hearts Script

Second-Hand Hearts poster thumbnail
Director:Hal Ashby
Written by:Charles Eastman (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A boozy drifter (Robert Blake) tries to get to know the widow (Barbara Harris) he married while on a bender in this off-the-wall comedy directed by Hal Ashby.

Bound For Glory Script

Bound For Glory poster thumbnail
Director:Hal Ashby
Written by:Robert Getchell (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A biography of Woody Guthrie, one of America's greatest folk singers. He left his dust-devastated Texas home in the 1930s to find work, discovering the suffering and strength of America's working class.

The Slugger’s Wife Script

The Slugger's Wife poster thumbnail
Director:Hal Ashby
Written by:Neil Simon (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Darryl Palmer (Michael O'Keefe) is a major league baseball player who meets and pursues an attractive singer (Rebecca De Mornay). After some setbacks, the two are married and sent on an emotional journey that sees his career take off, while hers doesn't. When she gives up her dreams to support her husband, she can't escape her own unhappiness. With a separation on the horizon, Darryl must choose between his big-league life and his one true love.


Shampoo poster thumbnail
Director:Hal Ashby
Written by:Robert Towne (Writer), Warren Beatty (Writer)

Script Synopsis:George Roundy is a Beverly Hills hairstylist whose uncontrolled libido stands between him and his ambitions. He wants the security of a relationship. He wants to be a hairdressing "star" and open his own salon. But the fact that he beds down with the wife, daughter and mistress of a potential backer doesn't help. It also does little for his relationship with his current girlfriend.

Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude poster thumbnail
Director:Hal Ashby
Written by:Colin Higgins (Author)

Script Synopsis:The young Harold lives in his own world of suicide-attempts and funeral visits to avoid the misery of his current family and home environment. Harold meets an 80-year-old woman named Maude who also lives in her own world yet one in which she is having the time of her life. When the two opposites meet they realize that their differences don’t matter and they become best friends and love each other.

Being There

Being There poster thumbnail
Director:Hal Ashby
Written by:Jerzy Kosiński (Screenplay), Jerzy Kosiński (Novel), Robert C. Jones (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A simple-minded gardener named Chance has spent all his life in the Washington D.C. house of an old man. When the man dies, Chance is put out on the street with no knowledge of the world except what he has learned from television.

The Last Detail

The Last Detail poster thumbnail
Director:Hal Ashby
Written by:Robert Towne (Screenplay), Darryl Ponicsan (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Two Navy men are ordered to bring a young offender to prison, but decide to show him one last good time along the way.

8 Million Ways to Die

8 Million Ways to Die poster thumbnail
Director:Hal Ashby
Written by:Lawrence Block (Writer), Oliver Stone (Screenplay), David Lee Henry (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Scudder is a detective with the Sheriff's Department who is forced to shoot a violent suspect during a narcotics raid. The ensuing psychological aftermath of this shooting worsens his drinking problem and this alcoholism causes him to lose his job, as well as his marriage.