A Walk Among the Tombstones Script

A Walk Among the Tombstones poster thumbnail
Director:Scott Frank
Written by:Scott Frank (Screenplay), Lawrence Block (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Private investigator Matthew Scudder is hired by a drug kingpin to find out who kidnapped and murdered his wife.

My Blueberry Nights Script

My Blueberry Nights poster thumbnail
Director:Wong Kar-wai
Written by:Wong Kar-wai (Screenplay), Lawrence Block (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Elizabeth has just been through a particularly nasty breakup, and now she's ready to leave her friends and memories behind as she chases her dreams across the country. In order to support herself on her journey, Elizabeth picks up a series of waitress jobs along the way. As Elizabeth crosses paths with a series of lost souls whose yearnings are even greater than her own, their emotional turmoil ultimately helps her gain a greater understanding of her own problems...

8 Million Ways to Die

8 Million Ways to Die poster thumbnail
Director:Hal Ashby
Written by:Lawrence Block (Writer), Oliver Stone (Screenplay), David Lee Henry (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Scudder is a detective with the Sheriff's Department who is forced to shoot a violent suspect during a narcotics raid. The ensuing psychological aftermath of this shooting worsens his drinking problem and this alcoholism causes him to lose his job, as well as his marriage.