Police Academy 3: Back in Training Script

Police Academy 3: Back in Training poster thumbnail
Director:Jerry Paris
Written by:Gene Quintano (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When police funding is cut, the Governor announces he must close one of the academies. To make it fair, the two police academies must compete against each other to stay in operation. Mauser persuades two officers in Lassard's academy to better his odds, but things don't quite turn out as expected...

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment Script

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment poster thumbnail
Director:Jerry Paris
Written by:David Sheffield (Screenplay), Barry W. Blaustein (Screenplay), Neal Israel (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Officer Carey Mahoney and his cohorts have finally graduated from the Police Academy and are about to hit the streets on their first assignment. Question is, are they ready to do battle with a band of graffiti-tagging terrorists? Time will tell, but don't sell short this cheerful band of doltish boys in blue.

Star Spangled Girl Script

Star Spangled Girl poster thumbnail
Director:Jerry Paris
Written by:Neil Simon (Theatre Play), Arnold Margolin (Writer), Jim Parker (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A pair of 60's hippies fall in love with the girl next door, who is exactly the kind of square that they are fighting against.

The Grasshopper Script

The Grasshopper poster thumbnail
Director:Jerry Paris
Written by:Jerry Belson (Story), Jerry Belson (Screenplay), Garry Marshall (Story), Garry Marshall (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A British Columbia teenager dreams of show business but winds up as a call girl in Las Vegas.