Police Academy 3: Back in Training Script

Police Academy 3: Back in Training poster thumbnail
Director:Jerry Paris
Written by:Gene Quintano (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When police funding is cut, the Governor announces he must close one of the academies. To make it fair, the two police academies must compete against each other to stay in operation. Mauser persuades two officers in Lassard's academy to better his odds, but things don't quite turn out as expected...

Making the Grade Script

Making the Grade poster thumbnail
Director:Dorian Walker
Written by:Gene Quintano (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Lazy preppie Palmer Woodrow hires street-smart Eddie Keaton to go to school for him while he lives it up in Europe. Eddie falls in love with preppie gal Tracey, upsetting Biff, the Hoover Academy bully. When his bookie from the old neighborhood, Dice, comes to collect on Eddie's gambling debts and Palmer returns early from Europe, the the scheme slowly starts to unravel. Soon, Eddie can't even tell whose side he's really on.

King Solomon’s Mines Script

King Solomon's Mines poster thumbnail
Director:J. Lee Thompson
Written by:H. Rider Haggard (Novel), Gene Quintano (Screenplay), James R. Silke (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Ever in search of adventure, explorer Allan Quatermain agrees to join the beautiful Jesse Huston on a mission to locate her archaeologist father, who has been abducted for his knowledge of the legendary mines of King Solomon. As the kidnappers, led by sinister German military officer Bockner, journey into the wilds of Africa, Allan and Jesse track the party and must contend with fierce natives and dangerous creatures, among other perils.

National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1 Script

National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 poster thumbnail
Director:Gene Quintano
Written by:Gene Quintano (Screenplay), Don Holley (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:An LA detective is murdered because she has microfilm with the recipe to make cocaine cookies. A "Lethal Weapon" style cop team tries to find and stop the fiends before they can dope the nation by distributing their wares via the "Wilderness Girls" cookie drive.

Operation Dumbo Drop Script

Operation Dumbo Drop poster thumbnail
Director:Simon Wincer
Written by:Jim Kouf (Writer), Gene Quintano (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Five Green Berets stationed in Vietnam in 1968 grudgingly undertake the mission of a lifetime -- to secretly transport an 8,000-pound elephant through 200 miles of rough jungle terrain. High jinks prevail when Capt. Sam Cahill promises the Montagnard villagers of Dak Nhe that he'll replace their prized elephant in time for an important ritual. But for Capt. T.C. Doyle, the mission becomes a jumbo-sized headache!

Sudden Death Script

Sudden Death poster thumbnail
Director:Peter Hyams
Written by:Karen Elise Baldwin (Screenplay), Gene Quintano (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When a man's daughter is suddenly taken during a championship hockey game – with the captors demanding a billion dollars by game's end – he frantically sets a plan in motion to rescue her and abort an impending explosion before the final buzzer.

The Musketeer Script

The Musketeer poster thumbnail
Director:Peter Hyams
Written by:Gene Quintano (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:In Peter Hyams's adaptation of the famous Alexander Dumas story The Three Musketeers, the young D'Artagnan seeks to join the legendary musketeer brigade and avenge his father's death - but he finds that the musketeers have been disbanded.