Licence to Kill Script

Licence to Kill poster thumbnail
Director:John Glen
Written by:Ian Fleming (Novel), Richard Maibaum (Screenplay), Michael G. Wilson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:After capturing the notorious drug lord Franz Sanchez, Bond's close friend and former CIA agent Felix Leiter is left for dead and his wife is murdered. Bond goes rogue and seeks vengeance on those responsible, as he infiltrates Sanchez's organization from the inside.

Christopher Columbus: The Discovery Script

Christopher Columbus: The Discovery poster thumbnail
Director:John Glen
Written by:Mario Puzo (Story), John Briley (Screenplay), Cary Bates (Screenplay), Mario Puzo (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Genoan navigator Christopher Columbus has a dream to find an alternative route to sail to the Indies, by traveling west instead of east, across the unchartered Ocean sea. After failing to find backing from the Portugese, he goes to the Spanish court to ask Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand for help. After surviving a grilling from the Head of the Spanish Inquisition Tomas de Torquemada, he eventually gets the blessing from Queen Isabella and sets sail in three ships to travel into the unknown. Along the way he must deal with sabotage from Portugese spies and mutiny from a rebellious crew.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye poster thumbnail
Director:D.J. Caruso
Written by:John Glen (Author), Travis Wright (Author)

Script Synopsis:Jerry Shaw and Rachel Holloman are two strangers whose lives are suddenly thrown into turmoil by a mysterious woman they have never met. Threatening their lives and family, the unseen caller uses everyday technology to control their actions and push them into increasing danger. As events escalate, Jerry and Rachel become the country's most-wanted fugitives and must figure out what is happening to them.

The Living Daylights

The Living Daylights poster thumbnail
Director:John Glen
Written by:Richard Maibaum (Screenplay), Michael G. Wilson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:James Bond helps a Russian General escape into the west. He soon finds out that the KGB wants to kill him for helping the General. A little while later the General is kidnapped from the Secret Service leading 007 to be suspicious.


Octopussy poster thumbnail
Director:John Glen
Written by:George MacDonald Fraser (Screenstory), Richard Maibaum (Screenstory), George MacDonald Fraser (Screenplay), Richard Maibaum (Screenplay), Michael G. Wilson (Screenplay), Michael G. Wilson (Screenstory)

Script Synopsis:James Bond is sent to investigate after a fellow “00” agent is found dead with a priceless Fabergé egg. James Bond follows the mystery and uncovers a smuggling scandal and a Russian General who wants to provoke a new World War.

For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only poster thumbnail
Director:John Glen
Written by:Richard Maibaum (Screenplay), Michael G. Wilson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A British spy ship has sunk and on board was a hi-tech encryption device. James Bond is sent to find the device that holds British launching instructions before the enemy Soviets get to it first.

A View To a Kill

A View To a Kill poster thumbnail
Director:John Glen
Written by:Richard Maibaum (Screenplay), Michael G. Wilson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A newly developed microchip designed by Zorin Industries for the British Government that can survive the electromagnetic radiation caused by a nuclear explosion has landed in the hands of the KGB. James Bond must find out how and why. His suspicions soon lead him to big industry leader Max Zorin.