The Sure Thing Script

Director:Rob Reiner
Written by:Steve Bloom (Writer), Jonathan Roberts (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Gib, a beer-guzzling slob, and Alison, an uptight Ivy-Leaguer, are an unlikely duo stuck together on a cross-country trip during Christmas break. At first they get on each other's nerves but, as time passes, they find their divergent natures complement each other. Now they need to realize what they've already found before it's too late.

Hunchback Of Notre Dame Script

Director:Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise
Written by:Victor Hugo (Novel), Irene Mecchi (Screenplay), Tab Murphy (Screenplay), Jonathan Roberts (Screenplay), Bob Tzudiker (Screenplay), Noni White (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When Quasi defies the evil Frollo and ventures out to the Festival of Fools, the cruel crowd jeers him. Rescued by fellow outcast the gypsy Esmeralda, Quasi soon finds himself battling to save the people and the city he loves.

James And The Giant Peach Script

Director:Henry Selick
Written by:Roald Dahl (Novel), Karey Kirkpatrick (Screenplay), Jonathan Roberts (Screenplay), Steve Bloom (Screenplay), Mike Cachuela (Storyboard)

Script Synopsis:James' happy life at the English seaside is rudely ended when his parents are killed by a rhinoceros and he goes to live with his two horrid aunts. Daringly saving the life of a spider he comes into possession of magic boiled crocodile tongues, after which an enormous peach starts to grow in the garden.

The Lion King

Director:Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff
Written by:Linda Woolverton (Screenplay), Jonathan Roberts (Screenplay), Irene Mecchi (Screenplay), Rick Maki (Story)

Script Synopsis:A young lion cub named Simba can't wait to be king. But his uncle craves the title for himself and will stop at nothing to get it.