Appointment with Death Script

Appointment with Death poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Winner

Script Synopsis:Emily Boynton, stepmother to three children, blackmails the family lawyer into destroying a second will of her late husband that would have freed the children from her dominating influence. She takes herself, the children and her daughter-in-law on holiday to Europe and the Holy Land. At a dig, Emily is found dead and Hercule Poirot investigates.

Death Wish Script

Death Wish poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Winner
Written by:Brian Garfield (Novel), Wendell Mayes (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:After his wife is murdered by street punks, a pacifistic New York City architect becomes a one-man vigilante squad, prowling the streets for would-be muggers after dark.

The Sentinel Script

The Sentinel poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Winner
Written by:Jeffrey Konvitz (Novel), Jeffrey Konvitz (Screenplay), Michael Winner (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A commitment-shy New York fashion model moves into an old brownstone apartment, meets her weird neighbours and discovers she’s sitting on the gateway to Hell.

Big Sleep Script

Big Sleep poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Winner
Written by:Raymond Chandler (Novel), Michael Winner (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Private eye Philip Marlowe (Robert Mitchum) investigates a case of blackmail involving the two wild daughters of a rich general, a pornographer and a gangster. This neo-noir remake of the iconic 1946 Bogart film transfers the setting of Raymond Chandler's novel from 1940s California to 1970s London.

Death Wish 2: Script

Death Wish 2: poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Winner
Written by:David Engelbach (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Paul Kersey is again a vigilante trying to find five punks who murdered his housekeeper and daughter in Los Angeles.

Death Wish 3 Script

Death Wish 3 poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Winner
Written by:Don Jakoby (Writer), Brian Garfield (Characters)

Script Synopsis:Architect/vigilante Paul Kersey arrives back in New York City and is forcibly recruited by a crooked police chief to fight street crime caused by a large gang terrorizing the neighborhoods.

Scream For Help Script

Director:Michael Winner
Written by:Tom Holland (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A teenaged girl discovers that her stepfather is trying to murder her and her mother, but when she tells people, no one will believe her.