Fright Night Part 2 Script

Fright Night Part 2 poster thumbnail
Director:Tommy Lee Wallace
Written by:Tommy Lee Wallace (Writer), Miguel Tejada-Flores (Writer), Tom Holland (Characters), Tim Metcalfe (Writer)

Script Synopsis:After three years of therapy Charley Brewster, now a college student, is convinced that Jerry Dandridge was a serial killer posing as a vampire. But when Regine, a mysterious actress and her entourage move into Peter Vincent's apartment block, the nightmare starts again - and this time it's personal!

Class of 1984 Script

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Director:Mark L. Lester
Written by:Tom Holland (Screenplay), Tom Holland (Story), Mark L. Lester (Screenplay), John C.W. Saxton (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Andy is a new teacher at a inner city high school that is like nothing he has ever seen before. There is metal detectors at the front door and everything is basically run by a tough kid named Peter Stegman. Soon, Andy and Stegman become enemies and Stegman will stop at nothing to protect his turf and drug dealing business.

The Beast Within Script

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Director:Philippe Mora
Written by:Tom Holland (Writer)

Script Synopsis:In the beginning of the movie you see a woman getting raped by a man-creature of some sort. The movie takes place years later when the child that was a result of that rape is on the rampage looking for a girl to rape to start the process all over again.

Cloak And Dagger Script

Cloak And Dagger poster thumbnail
Director:Richard Franklin
Written by:Tom Holland (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:11-year-old Davey's mother is dead and his father doesn't spend nearly enough time with him. So the boy loses himself in video games--and even has an imaginary friend, a super-resourceful secret agent. When he accidentally comes into possession of a spy group's secret plans, and winds up on the run from them, he must learn to rely on himself and his imaginary pal to save his skin. But, in the end, Dad proves to be his real hero.

Scream For Help Script

Director:Michael Winner
Written by:Tom Holland (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A teenaged girl discovers that her stepfather is trying to murder her and her mother, but when she tells people, no one will believe her.

Fatal Beauty Script

Fatal Beauty poster thumbnail
Director:Tom Holland
Written by:Hilary Henkin (Screenplay), Dean Riesner (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Rita Rizzoli is a narcotics cop with a plethora of disguises. When a drug shipment is hijacked, the thieves don't know that the drug is unusually pure and packs of 'Fatal Beauty' begin turning up next to too many dead bodies. Mike works for the original owner of the drugs and tries to tell himself that since he does not handle the drugs, he is 'clean'. Mike becomes Rita's constant companion.

The Temp Script

The Temp poster thumbnail
Director:Tom Holland
Written by:Kevin Falls (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A series of mysterious accidents at a food company lead a manager to suspect his impressive new temporary secretary.

Fright Night (1985)

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Director:Tom Holland
Written by:Tom Holland (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Nobody believes teenager Charley Brewster when he discovers that his suave new neighbor, Jerry Dandrige, is a vampire. So when the bloodsucker starts stalking Charley, he turns to has-been actor Peter Vincent, famed for portraying a ghoul hunter. Unfortunately for the would-be vampire slayers, Dandrige has set his sights on Charley's girlfriend.


Thinner poster thumbnail
Director:Tom Holland
Written by:Tom Holland (Screenplay), Stephen King (Novel)

Script Synopsis:A fat Lawyer finds himself growing "Thinner" when an old gypsy man places a hex on him. Now the lawyer must call upon his friends in organized crime to help him persuade the gypsy to lift the curse. Time is running out for the desperate lawyer as he draws closer to his own death, and grows ever thinner.

Psycho II

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Director:Richard Franklin
Written by:Tom Holland (Writer), Robert Bloch (Characters)

Script Synopsis:After years of treatment at a mental institution for the criminally insane, serial killer Norman Bates is finally released. Deciding to move back into his long-dead mother's infamous old house, he soon finds himself tormented by 'her' demands and begins to question his own sanity.