Ben Is Back Script

Ben Is Back poster thumbnail
Director:Peter Hedges
Written by:Peter Hedges (Writer)

Script Synopsis:19-year-old Ben Burns unexpectedly returns home to his family's suburban home on Christmas Eve morning. Ben's mother, Holly, is relieved and welcoming but wary of her son staying clean. Over a turbulent 24 hours, new truths are revealed, and a mother's undying love for her son is tested as she does everything in her power to keep him safe.

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Script

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green poster thumbnail
Director:Peter Hedges
Written by:Peter Hedges (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A childless couple bury a box in their backyard, containing all of their wishes for an infant. Soon, a child is born, though Timothy Green is not all that he appears.

A Map Of The World Script

A Map Of The World poster thumbnail
Director:Scott Elliott
Written by:Peter Hedges (Screenplay), Jane Hamilton (Novel), Polly Platt (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:School nurse Alice Goodwin lives with her husband and two daughters on a dairy farm in a small Wisconsin community. After an accident on her property involving a friend's child, the town turns against her and Alice finds herself fighting charges of child abuse.

Peter Hedges Scripts

Playwriter and Screenwriter, Peter Hedges, does not have a long list of famous films that he has written. However, in the short list of films he has written in his lifetime, many of them are memorable pieces of work. From his first screenplay adaptation What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993) to his most recent film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012), he stands out as a dynamic writer that is able to bring incredible meaning and humor to his pieces.

There is no doubt that Hedges is a dramatic writer, as he does not have one film that strays from the genre. The fact is that he is good at what he does, which is writing films full of meaning and connections to real life. In the future, he might change his flow and try to tap a genre which he never touched before, but for now he is doing what he does best- creating drama.


  1. (2012) The Odd Life of Timothy Green
  2. (2007) Dan in Real Life Script ($)
  3. (2003) Pieces of April Script ($)
  4. (2002) About a Boy [Transcript]
  5. (1999) A Map of the World
  6. (1993) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape [Transcript]

Pieces of April

Pieces of April poster thumbnail
Director:Peter Hedges
Written by:Peter Hedges (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Quirky and rebellious April Burns lives with her boyfriend in a low-rent New York City apartment miles away from her emotionally distant family. But when she discovers that her mother has a fatal form of breast cancer, she invites the clan to her place for Thanksgiving. While her father struggles to drive her family into the city, April -- an inexperienced cook -- runs into kitchen trouble and must ask a neighbor for help.

Dan in Real Life

Dan in Real Life poster thumbnail
Director:Peter Hedges
Written by:Peter Hedges (Screenplay), Pierce Gardner (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Advice columnist, Dan Burns is an expert on relationships, but somehow struggles to succeed as a brother, a son and a single parent to three precocious daughters. Things get even more complicated when Dan finds out that the woman he falls in love with is actually his brother's new girlfriend.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

What's Eating Gilbert Grape poster thumbnail
Director:Lasse Hallström
Written by:Peter Hedges (Novel), Peter Hedges (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Gilbert Grape is a small-town young man with a lot of responsibility. Chief among his concerns are his mother, who is so overweight that she can't leave the house, and his mentally impaired younger brother, Arnie, who has a knack for finding trouble. Settled into a job at a grocery store and an ongoing affair with local woman Betty Carver, Gilbert finally has his life shaken up by the free-spirited Becky.

About a Boy

About a Boy poster thumbnail
Director:Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Written by:Nick Hornby (Novel), Peter Hedges (Screenplay), Chris Weitz (Screenplay), Paul Weitz (Screenplay), Nick Hornby (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Will Freeman is a hip Londoner who one day realizes that his friends are all involved with the responsibilities of married life and that leaves him alone in the cold. Passing himself off as a single father, he starts to meet a string of single mums, confident in his ability to leave them behind when they start to ask for a commitment. But Will's hope of a continued bachelorhood is interrupted when he meets 12-year old Marcus, in many ways his complete opposite.