5 Scripts Tarantino Borrowed From

Quentin Tarantino is known as much for his ability to recreate tropes and concepts from his archival understanding of pop culture, as he is for his directing. A Tarantino movie to the keen observer plays like a potpourri of blaxploitation dialogue, kung fu action, and the stares of grizzly cowboys in westerns. Each of his films features almost too many references and homages to count like Kurt Russel’s vest from Big Trouble in Little China popping up in Death Proof, or the black and white suits his characters always wear made famous by John Woo. Here are five great examples of films that inspired Tarantino.

See if you can figure out how Q.T. remixed elements of these films into his own.

the searchers thegoodthebadandtheugly django truck turner

The Searchers

Director:John Ford
Written by:Alan Le May (Novel), Frank S. Nugent (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:As a Civil War veteran spends years searching for a young niece captured by Indians, his motivation becomes increasingly questionable.

Top 5 Westerns Scripts

Westerns and cowboy movies have enjoyed quite a prominent role throughout the history of Hollywood. These films, on one hand, depict the difficulties that were faced by the American frontier families and on the other, show us the distinctive lifestyle that existed during the Wild West era. Most of the Western classics usually focus on the life of a single cowboy or gunfighter, taking arms against a bunch of looters and plunderers. These films have distinctive soundtracks, accents and a storyline that has some elements in common with the mobster flicks.

Westerns have given some of the most memorable characters and most celebrated icons such as Gary Cooper, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood to American cinema. The film usually revolves around the incidents happening in and affecting a small community of people settled in remote areas of America southern states, with the leading character usually a loner and a vagabond who is always shifting places. Even though these films are usually associated with specific time and place of American history, they are famous and enjoyed throughout the world.

Script of some of the most famous and cherished Western classics are available here:

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Script (1966)
The Searchers Script (1956)
True Grit Script (1969)
The Wild Bunch Script (1969)
Unforgiven Script (1992)