The Karate Kid Scripts

Hollywood continues to bank on the success of old 80’s franchises with the remake of the 1984 hit, The Karate Kid. With the remake garnering over $50 Million on its stateside opening weekend, the success of this kid-friendly nostalgia-inducing reboot is probably an indication that remakes are here to stay.

Have a look at the original franchise scripts and see how they hold up to this year’s remake.

Karate Kid Script

Karate Kid 2 Script

Karate Kid 3 Script


The Next Karate Kid Script

Karate Kid Script (2010 version, PDF Download)

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  1. who can help me send the dialogue script the karate kid 2010.
    I need this script as soon as possible.
    if anybody has the original script, please send on my email.

    Thanks b4

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