Top 5 War Movie Scripts

War has always been a popular backdrop for some of the greatest movies in the history of cinema. Whether it’s man’s triumph over evil, or his capability to destroy himself, themes of violence, survival and hope have always played a big role in bringing drama to the people, soldiers and civilians caught in the crossfire.

This week, we look at the Top 5 War Movie Scripts of all time. From Francis Ford Coppola to Stanley Kubrick to Steven Spielberg, check out the list of some of the most epic screenplays for war movies in film history.

1. Apocalypse Now Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1979)
2. Das Boot Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1981)
3. Full Metal Jacket Script (1987)
4. Saving Private Ryan Script (1998)
5. The Thin Red Line Script (1998)