Aaron Sorkin Movie Scripts

Aaron Sorkin is revered as one of the most successful screenwriters in Hollywood. Despite his initial background as an actor, his unmatched skill for writing has made him one of the most sought after cinematic scribes in the world.

After writing the modern classic A Few Good Men (1992), Sorkin quickly climbed the ranks of showbusiness by using television as a means of showcasing his knack for sharp dialogue and strong, intelligent characters.

More popularly recognized for his work in the West Wing, Sorkin had only recently begun turning his skills back towards the big screen. Here is a collection of Sorkin’s feature-length screenplays:

1.The Social Network Script (2010)
2. Charlie Wilson’s War Script (PDF) (2007)
3. The American President Script (1995)
4. Malice Script (1993)
5. A Few Good Men Script (1992)