Paul Haggis Scripts

What do Million Dollar Baby (2004) and Crash (2005) have in common? Apart from being Oscar winners as Best picture, these two films share another trait- Paul Haggis wrote the screenplay for both these Film. He became the first screenwriter since 1950 to write two Oscar winning movies in Best film category back to back. Million Dollar Baby was the first released feature film that had a screenplay written by Haggis whereas Crash was his directorial debut.

Before starting his silver screen affair, Haggis wrote scripts of various TV series for more than two decades. His writing credit includes some very popular shows such as Chuck Norris’  Walker, Texas Ranger, Thirtysomething, The Facts of life and even the Scooby-doo show. His vast and diversified experience explains how he managed to write scripts that are totally different in terms of genre or structure. After Crash, he teamed up with Clint Eastwood and joined in the screenplay collaboration of Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. The later one earned him a third Oscar nomination for screenplay.

He also wrote the screenplay of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, the last two James Bond movies that gave a new life to this character. Being inspired by a Playboy article, Haggis wrote the script of In the Valley of Elah and also directed the movie himself. Without any doubt, this Canadian writer (and director also) has achieved a rare level of skill in his craft.

Here you can find all Paul Haggis movie scripts.

Million Dollar Baby Script

Crash Script

The Last Kiss Script

Flags of Our Fathers Screenplay

Casino Royale Script

Letters from Iwo Jima Script

In the Valley of Elah Script

Quantum of Solace Script


The Next Three Days Script

Meryl Streep Scripts

merylstreep-oscarMeryl Streep has a career of over 40 years and is considered by many one of the greats. She has been nominated for an oscar 17 times and won 3 times. The following is her filmography and links to scripts when available




  1. (1977) Julia Script
  2. (1978) The Deer Hunter Script
  3. (1979) Manhattan Script
  4. (1979) The Seduction of Joe Tynan
  5. (1979) Kramer vs. Kramer Script
  6. (1981) The French Lieutenant’s Woman Script
  7. (1982) Still of the Night
  8. (1982) Sophie’s Choice
  9. (1983) Silkwood Script
  10. (1984) Falling in Love
  11. (1985) Plenty
  12. (1985) Out of Africa Script
  13. (1986) Heartburn Script
  14. (1987) Ironweed
  15. (1988) A Cry in the Dark
  16. (1989) She-Devil
  17. (1990) Postcards from the Edge
  18. (1991) Defending Your Life
  19. (1991) Age 7 in America
  20. (1992) Death Becomes Her Script
  21. (1993) The House of the Spirits
  22. (1994) The River Wild
  23. (1995) The Bridges of Madison County Script
  24. (1996) Before and After
  25. (1996) Marvin’s Room
  26. (1998) Dancing at Lughnasa
  27. (1998) One True Thing
  28. (1999) Music of the Heart Script
  29. (2001) A.I. Artificial Intelligence Script
  30. (2002) Adaptation Script
  31. (2002) The Hours Script
  32. (2003) Stuck on You
  33. (2004) The Manchurian Candidate Script
  34. (2004) Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
  35. (2005) Prime
  36. (2006) A Prairie Home Companion
  37. (2006) The Music of Regret
  38. (2006) The Devil Wears Prada Script
  39. (2006) The Ant Bully Script
  40. (2007) Dark Matter
  41. (2007) Evening
  42. (2007) Rendition
  43. (2007) Lions for Lambs
  44. (2008) Mamma Mia!
  45. (2008) Doubt Script
  46. (2009) Julie & Julia Script
  47. (2009) Fantastic Mr. Fox Script
  48. (2009) It’s Complicated Script
  49. (2010) Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More to Life
  50. (2011) The Iron Lady Script
  51. (2012) Hope Springs
  52. (2013) August: Osage County


Vincent Gallo Scripts

Dynamic and highly controversial, Vincent Gallo has consistently drawn attention to himself whether he is walking down the street or acting in a film. This actor/director/avant-garde artist has always pushed the envelope in pursuit of a reaction.

As a young man, Gallo used to do street performances that bordered on a sociological experiment. He would perform random stunts that would shock and confuse people who were not aware that he was performing.  Even as a 49 year old, Gallo has not lost his taste for shocking people, seeing as he advertises his sexual services on his website’s merchandise section (

It’s obvious to say that Gallo has never been a courtier of the masses. As a director, Gallo has defied conventional methods of film-making by using small crews and acting without the help of a producer or production company.

In his most famous film to date, Buffalo ’66 (1998), Gallo challenged the traditional rules of film making by breaking continuity, sound and the fourth wall in order to fit his artistic vision. The result was a cinematic masterpiece that is acclaimed by critics and moviegoers alike. As far as screenwriting goes, Gallo creates witty dialogue that is personable and relates an audience to misfits that would otherwise be considered despicable.

In all aspects of his work, Gallo presents an avant garde look at creating films that will provide generations to come with a foundation for creativity.




More scripts to come when listed!

Ingmar Bergman Movie Scripts

A few directors have exerted so much influence on cinema as Ingmar Bergman, described by Woody Allen as the greatest film artist since the invention of motion picture camera. During his remarkable career spanning over some five decades, he wrote and directed such masterpieces as The Seventh Seal (1957), The Winter Light (1963), Wild Strawberries (1957), The Silence (1962), Persona (1966), Through the Glass Darkly (1961) and Fanny and Alexander (1982). He mostly explored the existentialist themes of anxiety, death, faith and insanity in his films. Other than cinema, he was also an active and productive director in theater. The stress that he laid upon the characters in his films and the efficient presentation of the feelings behind them is virtually unmatched. His scripts discuss the characters and their innermost fears, hopes and desires in great details.

Three of Ingmar Bergman’s films (The Virgin Spring, Through the Glass Darkly and Fanny and Alexander) won Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. He was nominated for ten more Oscars in the categories of Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture. In 1971, he was also awarded the prestigious Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award at the Academy Awards. Bergman has exerted wide influence on directors throughout the world, including the noteworthy Hollywood directors such as Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. Ingmar Bergman mostly wrote his own screenplays, after in depth analysis and months of retrospection. The English titles of  Ingmar Bergman Films, with links to scripts where we found them:

  1. Torment Script (1944)
  2. Crisis  (1946)
  3. It Rains on Our Love  (1946)
  4. Woman Without a Face  (1947)
  5. A Ship to India  (1947)
  6. Music in Darkness  (1948)
  7. Port of Call  (1948)
  8. Eva  (1948)
  9. Prison  (1949)
  10. Thirst  (1949)
  11. To Joy  (1950)
  12. This Can’t Happen Here  (1950)
  13. Summer Interlude  (1951)
  14. Divorced  (1951)
  15. Secrets of Women  (1952)
  16. Summer with Monika  (1953)
  17. Sawdust and Tinsel  (1953)
  18. A Lesson in Love  (1954)
  19. Dreams  (1955)
  20. Smiles of a Summer Night Script (1955)
  21. Last Pair Out  (1956)
  22. The Seventh Seal Script (1957)
  23. Wild Strawberries Script (1957)
  24. Brink of Life  (1958)
  25. The Magician Script (1958)
  26. The Virgin Spring  (1960)
  27. The Devil’s Eye  (1960)
  28. Through a Glass Darkly  (1961)
  29. The Pleasure Garden  (1961)
  30. Winter Light  (1963)
  31. The Silence  (1963)
  32. All These Women  (1964)
  33. Persona Script (Transcript) (1966)  script link 2 ($)
  34. Stimulantia  (1967)
  35. Hour of the Wolf  (1968)
  36. Shame Script (1968)
  37. The Rite  (1969)
  38. The Passion of Anna  (1969)
  39. The Touch  (1971)
  40. Cries and Whispers Script Excerpt (1972)
  41. Scenes from a Marriage  (1973)
  42. The Magic Flute  (1975)
  43. Face to Face Script (1976) ($)
  44. The Serpent’s Egg  (1977)
  45. Autumn Sonata  (1978)
  46. From the Life of the Marionettes  (1980)
  47. Fanny and Alexander Script (1982)
  48. After the Rehearsal Script (1984)
  49. The Blessed Ones  (1986)
  50. The Best Intentions  (1991)
  51. Sunday’s Children  (1992)
  52. Private Confessions  (1996)
  53. In the Presence of a Clown Script (1997)
  54. Faithless  (2000)
  55. Saraband Script (2003)


Some useful Bergman links:

Ingmar Bergman Foundation – Film facts, plots, quotes, cast

Bergmanorama – Site with reviews, analysis, cast and credits


It Rains on Our Love(1946)
Woman Without a Face(1947)
A Ship to India(1947)
Music in Darkness(1948)
Port of Call(1948)
To Joy(1950)
This Can’t Happen Here(1950)
Summer Interlude(1951)
Secrets of Women(1952)
Summer with Monika(1953)
Sawdust and Tinsel(1953)
A Lesson in Love(1954)
Smiles of a Summer Night(1955)
Last Pair Out(1956)
The Seventh Seal(1957)
Wild Strawberries(1957)
Brink of Life(1958)
The Magician(1958)
The Virgin Spring(1960)
The Devil’s Eye(1960)
Through a Glass Darkly(1961)
The Pleasure Garden(1961)
Winter Light(1963)
The Silence(1963)
All These Women(1964)
Hour of the Wolf(1968)
The Rite(1969)
The Passion of Anna(1969)
The Touch(1971)
Cries and Whispers(1972)
Scenes from a Marriage(1973)
The Magic Flute(1975)
Face to Face(1976)
The Serpent’s Egg(1977)
Autumn Sonata(1978)
From the Life of the Marionettes(1980)
Fanny and Alexander(1982)
After the Rehearsal(1984)
The Blessed Ones(1986)
The Best Intentions(1991)
Sunday’s Children(1992)
Private Confessions(1996)
In the Presence of a Clown(1997)

Alejandro González Iñárritu Movie Scripts

Alejandro González Iñárritu may not be a filmmaker readily known by mainstream Hollywood audiences, but this Mexican-borne director has had the opportunity of working with some of America’s biggest stars.

From Sean Penn, Benicio del Torro, Brad Pitt to Cate Blanchett, Iñárritu has proven time and time again that he is more than capable of handling a strong measure of story, character and drama in a single film.

Check out his collection of feature length works below:

1. Biutiful Script (2010)
2. Babel Script (2006)
3. 21 Grams Script (for purchase) $ (2003)
4. Amores Perros Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2000)

Andrew Stanton Movie Scripts

As one of Pixar’s original employees, and only its second animator, Andrew Stanton has come a long way in making Pixar into one of the most widely-recognized feature-length animation studios in the world. His hands-on approach to all his produced films, from writing, directing to animation, has given him the irreplaceable knack for depth, character and storytelling.

To find out more about his filmography, check out Andrew Stanton’s complete collection of feature-length works below:

1. Toy Story 3 Script (2010)
2. Wall-E Script (2008)
3. Finding Nemo Script  (2003)
4. Monsters Inc. (Film Transcript) (2001)
5. Toy Story 2 Script (Film Transcript) (1999)
6. A Bug’s Life Script (1998)
7. Toy Story Script (1987)

Steven Spielberg Movie Scripts

Steven Spielberg may be one of the most widely-recognized living filmmakers of our time. Though his directorial efforts have garnered him the most acclaim, his work as a producer has managed to make possible some of the most widely successful films in the past decade.

From aliens to dinosaurs, high-adventure to historical dramas, Spielberg continues to keep the spectacle of movies alive and fresh for audiences young and old.

Check out a collection of his feature length scripts below:

1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Script (2008)
2. Munich Script (2005)
3. War of the Worlds Script (2005)
4. The Terminal Script (2004)
5. Catch Me If You Can Script (2002)
6. Minority Report Script (2002)
7. A.I Artificial Intelligence Script (2001)
8. Saving Private Ryan Script (1998)
9. Amistad Script (1997) ($)  (alternate $)
10. The Lost World: Jurrasic Park Script (1993)
11. Schindler’s List Script (1993)
12. Jurassic Park Script (1993)
13. Hook Script (1991)
14. Always Script (1989)
15. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Script (1989)
16. Empire of the Sun Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1987)
17. The Color Purple Script (1985)
18. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Script (1984)
19. E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial Script (1982)
20. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Script (1981)
21. 1941 Script (1979)
22. Close Encounters of the Third Kind Script (1974)
23. Jaws Script (1975)
24. The Sugarland Express Script  (1974)
25. Firelight Script (1964)

Tom Clancy Movie Scripts

Tom Clancy may not be a screenplay writer, per se, but his iconic novels on military espionage have managed to inspire some of the most successful military thrillers in cinema. His writings have also gone on to thrive outside of the movie theater and unto various reincarnations such as television and video games. 

And with a new Tom Clancy based military thriller already in the works for next year, it looks like it’ll be only a matter of time before audiences are greeted with another Clancy quality classic.

Here are a collection of feature-length scripts adapting his works:

1. Sum of All Fears Script (2002)
2. Clear and Present Danger Script (1994) (PDF Download)
3. Patriot Games Script (1992) (Dialogue Transcript)
4. The Hunt for Red October Script (1990)

James Cameron Movie Scripts

Ever since the release of Titanic (1997), James Cameron has been recognized as a filmmaker whose thirst for innovation and authenticity has challenged the physical and technical boundaries of Hollywood. And with the release of his most recent work, Avatar (2009), James Cameron once again proved that he still has what it takes to wow the box-office.

Check out the collection of his written and directorial feature length scripts below:

1. Avatar Script (2009)
2. Titanic Script (1997)
3. Strange Days Script (1995)
4. True Lies Script (1994)
5. Terminator 2: Judgement Day Script (1991)
6. The Abyss Script (1989)
7. Aliens Script (1986)
8. Rambo: First Blood Part II Script (1985)
9. The Terminator Script (1984)

M. Night Shymalan Movie Scripts

Although writer-director M. Night Shymalan took the film world by storm with his film The Sixth Sense (1999),  he has been criticized for not keeping his latter films up to par with his earlier works. However, M. Night Shymalan will always be recognized as one of the most original and unique storytellers of modern cinema.

Check out a collection of his feature length scripts below: