Bruce Willis Scripts

Bruce Willis is one of the most successful actors in American film industry. Not only does his name attract audiences by the truckload, but his films are often some of the top grossing movies of the time period.

Much of Willis’ success can be attributed to the fact that he stars in some truly epic films. The Fifth Element (1997) and Die Hard (1988) were big budget masterpieces that Willis complemented with his strong acting ability. He did not have to carry the films entirely on his shoulders. However, he also takes risks. The film Pulp Fiction (1994) was Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut and could have been a box office flop. However, Willis took the risk and reaped the benefits when the film became a cult classic.

When it comes to scripts, Willis is able to choose roles that will further the audiences’ perception of the type of person that he is. In Willis films, he is always the hero. Audiences expect him to do what is right and to be uncorrupted by greed or personal gain. By choosing roles that contribute to this perception, Willis makes a place in the heart of the audience as the knight in shining armor.

As long as audiences believe that Willis is this sort of hero, they will always support him in the box office. It’s kind of like supporting your father when he starts a new business or supporting a close friend during a troubling time. Even if the film is not that interesting, people will still see it because Willis has created a place in their hearts.

Below is a list of Willis’ films throughout his career as an actor. By reading them (especially Willis’ roles), an actor can learn to recognize the same cues that Willis did in his path to creating this persona; and then they may be able to create a personality for themselves that is marketable.

As a screenwriter, these scripts give invaluable cues on how to get the actor you want. If you want an actor like Bruce Willis then you have to make sure the role suits his perceived personality. And once you have a big name star like Willis, your chances at success are enormous.

  1. (2011) Catch .44
  2. (2011) Setup
  3. (2010) Red [Transcript]
  4. (2010) Cop Out
  5. (2009) Surrogates
  6. (2008) What Just Happened?
  7. (2008) Assassination of a High School President [Transcript]
  8. (2007) Planet Terror Script
  9. (2007) Live Free or Die Hard
  10. (2007) Perfect Stranger
  11. (2006) Fast Food Nation
  12. (2006) 16 Blocks Script
  13. (2006) Lucky Number Slevin [Transcript]
  14. (2006) Alpha Dog [Transcript]
  15. (2005) Hostage Script
  16. (2004) The Whole Ten Yards [Transcript]
  17. (2003)  Tears of the Sun [Transcript]
  18. (2002) Grand Champion
  19. (2002) Hart’s War [Transcript]
  20. (2001) Bandits
  21. (2000)  Unbreakable Script
  22. (2000) The Kid
  23. (2000) The Whole Nine Yards [Transcript]
  24. (1999) The Story of Us
  25. (1999) The Sixth Sense Script
  26. (1999) Breakfast of Champions
  27. (1998) The Siege
  28. (1998) Armageddon Script
  29. (1998) Mercury Rising [Transcript]
  30. (1997) The Jackal [Transcript]
  31. (1997) The Fifth Element Script
  32. (1996) Last Man Standing [Transcript]
  33. (1995) 12 Monkeys Script
  34. (1995) Die Hard: With A Vengeance
  35. (1994) Nobody’s Fool [Transcript]
  36. (1994) Color of Night
  37. (1994) North
  38. (1994) Pulp Fiction Script
  39. (1993) Striking Distance [Transcript]
  40. (1992) Death Becomes Her [Transcript]
  41. (1991) The Last Boy Scout Script
  42. (1991) Billy Bathgate
  43. (1991) Hudson Hawk Script
  44. (1991) Mortal Thoughts [Transcript]
  45. (1990) The Bonfire of the Vanities Script
  46. (1990) Die Hard 2
  47. (1990) Look Who’s Talking 2
  48. (1989) Look Who’s Talking [Transcript]
  49. (1989) In Country
  50. (1988) Die Hard Script
  51. (1988) Sunset
  52. (1987) Blind Date
  53. (1980) The First Deadly Sin