Chris Evans Scripts

Chris Evans is a whole different kind of actor than he was when he first started his career. Many many remember Evans as the jock main character of a movie called Not Another Teen Movie (2001). The raunchy teen flick was cheesy, raunchy
and terribly funny. However, it is not the type of movie that a person expects a star to rise up from.

However, Evans broke the stereotype and continued his career, taking roles in dramatic films, romantic comedies and then, his starring role in Captain America (2011). From then on, it is almost like a completely different person had taken the place of the original teen comedy star.

The film, The Avengers (2012) will definitely have an impact on his career as well. It only takes one good role to set a person off in the right direction. With the record breaking hysteria that this film has already received, it is no doubt that Evans will be seeing more work in the future.


  1.  (2012) The Avengers
  2. (2011) What’s Your Number?
  3. (2011) Captain America: The First Avenger
  4. (2011) Puncture Script
  5. (2010) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Script
  6. (2010) The Losers Script
  7. (2009) Push [Transcript]
  8. (2008) The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
  9. (2008) Street Kings [Transcript]
  10. (2007) Battle for Terra [Transcript]
  11. (2007) The Nanny Diaries [Transcript]
  12. (2007) Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  13. (2007) Sunshine
  14. (2007) TMNT Script
  15. (2005) London [Transcript]
  16. (2005) Fantastic Four Script
  17. (2005) Fierce People
  18. (2004) Cellular Script
  19. (2004) The Perfect Score [Transcript]
  20. (2001) Not Another Teen Movie [Transcript]
  21. (2000) The Newcomers