Mila Kunis Scripts

If a person’s career could be gauged by the types of roles they got in their early career, then Mila Kunis would probably be starring in comedy roles for the rest of her life. She got her first break in That 70’s Show (1998-2006) playing the neurotic and self-obsessed Jackie Burkhart, whom was as two-dimensional as a piece of cardboard.

However, Kunis has definitely grown in leaps and bounds since her start there. Despite the fact that she still does comedic work, (i.e. her recurring role as Meg on the long running series Family Guy (1999-2012)) she has also taken on more serious and dramatic roles in other types of films.

The more that a person recreates themselves, the better chance they have of making it in the film industry. Audiences have very short attention spans, and when an actor can continually morph themselves into different personalities, they have a better chance of keeping that short attention span.

If Kunis keeps this up, she may become an A-list star in the future.



  1. (2012) Ted
  2. (2011) Friends with Benefits
  3. (2010) Black Swan Script
  4. (2010) Date Night Script
  5. (2010) The Book of Eli Script
  6. (2009) Extract Script
  7. (2009) Tom Cool
  8. (2008) Max Payne Script
  9. (2008) Forgetting Sarah Marshall [Transcript]
  10. (2008) Boot Camp
  11. (2007) Moving McAllister [Transcript]
  12. (2007) After Sex [For Purchase]
  13. (2004) Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding
  14. (2001) Get Over It
  15. (1998) Milo Script
  16. (1998) Krippendorf’s Tribe Script
  17. (1996) Santa with Muscles