Robin Williams Scripts

Robin Williams is one of the most beloved comedians in America since he first appeared in the Mork and Mindy television show in the 1970’s. His quick wit and his ability to mimic numerous voices have made him a household name and an absolute crowd pleaser no matter what movie or television show he appears in.

Robin Williams does not just have talent. He has talent on the spot. In the film Aladdin (1992), Williams ad-libbed many of his humorous lines that made it in the movie. The otherworldly talent that he has to simply be funny, whether on camera or off, makes him bigger than life and worthy of being considered an A-list actor.

In films, Williams often plays characters that have big hearts and a desire to bring happiness into the world (i.e. Good Morning Vietnam (1987) and Patch Adams (1998)). He is a convincing actor in this sense and is always able to bring out a few tears from audiences because of his impeccable performance. The reasoning behind this, however, is because he truly is that type of person. He is very sacrificial of his time and efforts to helping the troops and people who are suffering immensely.

When Superman’s Christopher Reeve was in the hospital following his tragic horse riding accident, Williams showed up to the hospital to visit him. He dressed in hospital scrubs and started doing a zany act in order to make Reeve feel better.

According to (2012), Reeve stated that Robin Williams was the first person to make him laugh since the accident.

When a person goes into an industry with good intentions and a kind heart, they are bound to succeed. Many people are attracted to those who are happy and will do what they can to help the person continue to pursue their joy. Keep positive and always try to maintain a positive and empathic attitude towards others.



  1. (2011) Happy Feet Two
  2. (2009) Old Dogs
  3. (2009) Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
  4. (2009) World’s Greatest Dad [Transcript]
  5. (2009) Shrink
  6. (2007) August Rush [Transcript]
  7. (2007) License to Wed [Transcript]
  8. (2006) Night at the Museum
  9. (2006) Happy Feet
  10. (2006) Man of the Year [Transcript]
  11. (2006) Everyone’s Hero
  12. (2006) RV
  13. (2006) The Night Listener
  14. (2005) The Big White Script
  15. (2005) Robots
  16. (2004) Noel
  17. (2004) House of D
  18. (2004) The Final Cut  [Transcript]
  19. (2002) Insomnia Script
  20. (2002) Death to Smoochy Script
  21. (2002) One Hour Photo [Transcript]
  22. (2001) A.I. Artificial Intelligence Script
  23. (1999) Bicentennial Man
  24. (1999) Jakob the Liar [Transcript]
  25. (1998) Patch Adams [Transcript]
  26. (1998) What Dreams May Come
  27. (1997) Good Will Hunting Script
  28. (1997) Flubber [Transcript]
  29. (1997) Deconstructing Harry [Transcript]
  30. (1997) Fathers’ Day
  31. (1996) Hamlet
  32. (1996) The Secret Agent
  33. (1996) Jack
  34. (1996) The Birdcage Script [For Purchase]
  35. (1995) Jumanji [Transcript]
  36. (1995) To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
  37. (1995) Nine Months  [Transcript]
  38. (1994) Being Human
  39. (1993) Mrs. Doubtfire  [Transcript]
  40. (1992) Toys
  41. (1992) Aladdin Script   
  42. (1992) FernGully: The Last Rainforest
  43. (1991) Hook
  44. (1991) The Fisher King Script
  45. (1991) Shakes the Clown
  46. (1991) Dead Again [Transcript]
  47. (1990) Awakenings Script
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  49. (1989) Dead Poets Society Script
  50. (1988) The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Script [For Purchase]
  51. (1988) Portrait of a White Marriage
  52. (1987) Good Morning, Vietnam  [Transcript]
  53. (1986) Seize the Day
  54. (1986) Club Paradise
  55. (1986) The Best of Times
  56. (1984) Moscow on the Hudson  [Transcript]
  57. (1983) The Survivors
  58. (1982) The World According to Garp
  59. (1980) Popeye
  60. (1977) Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses?