Dan O’Bannon Scripts

Daniel Thomas O’Bannon can be considered one of the most low-profile scriptwriting geniuses that the science fiction genre has to offer. He was responsible for writing the first Alien film (at first known as Star Beast) as well as the ultimate cult classic of science fiction films- Heavy Metal (1981).

O’Bannon was and is a playful writer, engaging absurd ideas into his scripts to give each story equal amounts of humor, fear and philosophical thought. However, he maintained a low profile throughout his career, even to the point of his death. He did not even notify anyone (besides his wife) that he was suffering of Crohn’s disease.

O’Bannon is a mysterious enigma much like the scripts that he wrote out during his long career. Insightful, funny and engaging, his work will surely be an influencing factor on writers for years to come.


  1. (2007) AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem
  2. (2004) AVP: Alien vs. Predator Script
  3. (1997) Alien: Resurrection Script
  4. (1997) Bleeders
  5. (1995) Screamers
  6. (1992) Alien³
  7. (1990) Total Recall Script
  8. (1986) Aliens Script
  9. (1986) Invaders from Mars Script
  10. (1985) Lifeforce
  11. (1985) The Return of the Living Dead
  12. (1983) Blue Thunder Script
  13. (1981) Heavy Metal Script
  14. (1981) Dead & Buried
  15. (1979) Alien Script
  16. (1974) Dark Star Script

Joss Whedon Scripts

Joss Whedon is a supernatural and sci-fi writer that has finally gotten his big break. With his co-writing credit in the new hit movie, The Avengers (2012), Whedon is bound for stardom and may be getting more blockbuster work in the future.

Whedon’s career has been a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transition between film, television and then film again. He is responsible for such famous scripts as the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) and Toy Story (1994) while also working on several television shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the Series (1996-2003) and Angel (1999-2004).

Again, Whedon is trying to enter into the film industry again with his first comeback film script being The Cabin in the Woods (2011) which was just released recently. With his move back into the film industry, it will be amusing to see what he has learned over the years and has to show the movie going public.

Playwrights and screenwriters can take note of Whedon’s career to see how diversifying work can often prove to help a person find writing success. If one industry pays off then it is only natural to work in that industry. But if for some reason it stops paying, then it will benefit a person’s career to try again in a different venue.


  1. (2012) In Your Eyes
  2. (2012) Much Ado About Nothing
  3. (2012) The Avengers
  4. (2011) The Cabin in the Woods
  5. (2005) Serenity Script
  6. (2001) Atlantis: The Lost Empire Script [For Purchase]
  7. (2000) Titan A.E.
  8. (1997) Alien: Resurrection Script [For Purchase]
  9. (1995) Toy Story Script
  10. (1992) Buffy the Vampire Slayer Script

Alien: Resurrection

Alien Resurrection poster thumbnail
Director:Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Written by:Joss Whedon (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Two hundred years after Lt. Ripley died, a group of scientists clone her, hoping to breed the ultimate weapon. But the new Ripley is full of surprises … as are the new aliens. Ripley must team with a band of smugglers to keep the creatures from reaching Earth.

Brad Dourif Scripts

There is just something about Brad Dourif that makes him perfect for horror films. His childlike face exudes innocence at one moment yet transforms into a terrifying vision when he makes the decision to be frightening. His voice can be kind and gentle one moment yet turn into a vicious tone that would be characteristic of a psychopathic serial killer. In films, he often appears to be a troubled soul tortured by angels and demons fighting for authority over him. He is a brilliant actor that encourages sympathy and hatred at will.

Since his stunning performance as Billy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), Hollywood has kept him busy with films ranging from dramas to horror films. The characters he plays are always three-dimensional due to his acting ability- not necessarily the nature of the role. In the Child’s Play series of horror films, Dourif (as Chucky) captures qualities to the psychopathic dolls that not many other actors could accurately portray. In the Exorcist 3, Dourif characterizes a psychopathic serial killer with such enthusiasm that a viewer may be terrified speechless at the intensity of his scenes.

Despite the fact that Dourif has been stereotyped as a member of the horror genre, his acting ability shows his ability to blend into other roles with precision and depth that would be lost in a less talented actor.