American Pastime Script

American Pastime poster thumbnail
Director:Desmond Nakano

Script Synopsis:American Pastime tells a poignant story set against the Japanese-American internment camps during World War II. Rounded up and uprooted from their everyday lives, they remained loyal to the United States and ironically turned to that most American of sports - baseball - as a way to deal with their plight.

Boulevard Nights Script

Boulevard Nights poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Pressman
Written by:Desmond Nakano (Writer), Michael Scheff (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A focus on life in a gang, Boulevard Nights portrays the dangers of street violence. Richard Yniguez plays a young Chicano who tries to get out of the gang, but he keeps finding himself drawn back into it.

Black Moon Rising Script

Black Moon Rising poster thumbnail
Director:Harley Cokeliss
Written by:John Carpenter (Screenplay), John Carpenter (Story), Desmond Nakano (Screenplay), William Gray (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:An FBI free-lancer stashes a stolen Las Vegas-crime tape in a high-tech car stolen by someone else.

Last Exit To Brooklyn Script

Last Exit To Brooklyn poster thumbnail
Director:Uli Edel
Written by:Hubert Selby Jr. (Novel), Desmond Nakano (Author)

Script Synopsis:A gritty Brooklyn story about union corruption, violence, taboos and social norms. The stories told are of the sailors, the prostitute, the union bosses, the hooligans and the gay community set in the early 50s.

American Me Script

American Me poster thumbnail
Director:Edward James Olmos
Written by:Floyd Mutrux (Screenplay), Desmond Nakano (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Edward J. Olmos made his directorial bow with the powerhouse crime saga American Me. Olmos stars as street-gang leader Santana, who during his 18 years in Folsom Prison rules over all the drug-and-murder activities behind bars. Upon his release, Santana goes back to his old neighborhood, intending to lead a peaceful, crime-free life. But his old gang buddies force him back into his old habits. The

White Man’s Burden Script

White Man's Burden poster thumbnail
Director:Desmond Nakano
Written by:Desmond Nakano (Writer)

Script Synopsis:The story takes place in alternative America where the blacks are members of social elite, and whites are inhabitants of inner city ghettos. Louis Pinnock is a white worker in a chocolate factory, loving husband and father of two children. While delivering a package for black CEO Thaddeus Thomas, he is mistaken for a voyeur and, as a result, loses his job, gets beaten by black cops and his family gets evicted from their home. Desperate Pinnock takes a gun and kidnaps Thomas, demanding justice.