Best Cosa Nostra Film Scripts

Films set in the organized crime world seem to be really popular among audiences and critics alike, and perhaps even more so in the USA. No other country has produced so many successful movies about the subject, and arguably the explanation for this is found in the very nature of such films and the obscure reality they illustrate.

Good scripts of the crime genre aim to accomplish much more than just showing violence, bribery, corruption and other acts inherent in hoodlum operations. They try to portray a society through characters that went on to create their own code –out of necessity, greed, or both- , and how their paths inevitably collide with those of us who never, ever thought about living in a way that involves breaking the law. Or did we?

Undeniably, there’s an enticing quality in these tales about real individuals who built their own empire through illicit means. Morality is often a concept under debate in screenplays like The Godfather, Goodfellas, or Casino: they don’t condemn nor idolize mobsters, but rather act as impartial observers, and remind us sometimes that our good, lawful side has its share of hidden dark spots as well.

This week’s list is specifically focused in screenplays related to the Cosa Nostra –the original Italian mafia developed in the 19th Century in Sicily- and the families that followed these operations in American territory during the Prohibition Era and afterwards:


(1967) The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

(1972) The Godfather

(1974) The Godfater: Part II

(1984) Once Upon a Time in America

(1987) The Untouchables

(1990) Goodfellas

(1990) Miller’s Crossing

(1991) Bugsy

(1993) A Bronx Tale

(1994) Bullets Over Broadway

(1995) Casino

(1997) Donnie Brasco

(2002) Road to Perdition

(2009) Public Enemies

Francis Ford Coppola Scripts

From B-rated sci-fi to soft porn to The Godfather and Apocalypse Now and beyond, Francis Ford Coppola has undeniably had a very varied and successful career. Here are all of the movies he has directed over the last 49 years.

  1. Twixt (2011)
  2. Tetro (2009)
  3. Youth Without Youth (2007)
  4. Supernova Script (2000)
  5. The Rainmaker Script (1997)
  6. Jack Script $ (1996)
  7. Dracula Script $ (1992)
  8. The Godfather: Part III Script (1990)
  9. Tucker: The Man and His Dream Script  (1988)
  10. Gardens of Stone Script (1987)
  11. Peggy Sue Got Married Script (1986)
  12. The Cotton Club Script (1984)
  13. Rumble Fish Script (1983)
  14. The Outsiders Script  (1983)
  15. One from the Heart Script (1982)
  16. Apocalypse Now Script (1979)
  17. The Godfather: Part II Script (1977)
  18. The Conversation Script (1974)
  19. The Godfather Script (1972)
  20. The Rain People Script (1969)
  21. Finian’s Rainbow Script (1968)
  22. You’re a Big Boy Now (1966)
  23. Dementia 13 (1963)
  24. The Terror (1963)
  25. The Bellboy and the Playgirls (1962)
  26. Tonight for Sure (1962)
  27. Battle Beyond the Sun (1962)