The Stripper Script

The Stripper poster thumbnail
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner
Written by:William Inge (Writer), Meade Roberts (Writer)

Script Synopsis:An aging former movie starlet whose Hollywood career went nowhere, now reduced to dancing with a third-rate touring show, finds herself stranded in a small town where she's courted by an infatuated and naive local teenager.

Welcome Home (1989) Script

Welcome Home poster thumbnail
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner
Written by:Maggie Kleinman (Writer)

Script Synopsis:An Air Force officer (Kris Kristofferson) returns to his father (Brian Keith), son and remarried wife (JoBeth Williams) in Vermont after 17 years in Vietnam.

Yes, Giorgio Script

Yes, Giorgio poster thumbnail
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner
Written by:Norman Steinberg (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A famous opera singer, Giorgio Fini, loses his voice during an American tour. He goes to a female throat specialist, Pamela Taylor, whom he falls in love with.

Islands In The Stream Script

Islands In The Stream poster thumbnail
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner

Script Synopsis:An isolated sculptor is visited by his three sons just before the start of WWII.

Boys From Brazil Script

Boys From Brazil poster thumbnail
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner
Written by:Heywood Gould (Screenplay), Ira Levin (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman discovers a sinister and bizarre plot to rekindle the Third Reich.

Sphinx Script

Sphinx poster thumbnail
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner
Written by:John Byrum (Screenplay), Robin Cook (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Egyptologist Erica Baron finds more than she bargained for during her long-planned trip to The Land of the Pharoahs - murder, theft, betrayal, love, and a mummy's curse!

Planet of the Apes (1968)

Planet of the Apes poster thumbnail
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner
Written by:Michael Wilson (Author), Rod Serling (Author), Pierre Boulle (Novel)

Script Synopsis:An U.S. Spaceship lands on a desolate planet, stranding astronaut Taylor in a world dominated by apes, 2000 years into the future, who use a primitive race of humans for experimentation and sport. Soon Taylor finds himself among the hunted, his life in the hands of a benevolent chimpanzee scientist.


Patton poster thumbnail
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner
Written by:Ladislas Farago (Novel), Omar N. Bradley (Novel), Francis Ford Coppola (Screenstory), Francis Ford Coppola (Screenplay), Edmund H. North (Screenplay), Edmund H. North (Screenstory)

Script Synopsis:"Patton" tells the tale of General George S. Patton, famous tank commander of World War II. The film begins with patton's career in North Africa and progresses through the invasion of Germany and the fall of the Third Reich. Side plots also speak of Patton's numerous faults such his temper and habit towards insubordination.


Papillon poster thumbnail
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner
Written by:Dalton Trumbo (Screenplay), Lorenzo Semple Jr. (Screenplay), Henri Charrière (Original Story)

Script Synopsis:A man befriends a fellow criminal as the two of them begin serving their sentence on a dreadful prison island, which inspires the man to plot his escape.