Mannequin: On the Move Script

Mannequin: On the Move poster thumbnail
Director:Stewart Raffill
Written by:Michael Gottlieb (Characters), Edward Rugoff (Characters), Edward Rugoff (Writer), Ken Levine (Writer), David Isaacs (Writer), Betsy Israel (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Although Jason works as a department store clerk, he is also a reincarnated prince. Long ago, his beloved Jessie was snatched away from him by an evil wizard who used his powers to transform her into wooden statue. Now Jessie is in Jason's department store as a mannequin. When he encounters her, she awakens from her thousand-year sleep. They quickly revive their romance, but the evil wizard has been reincarnated as well, and he's up to no good.

The Ice Pirates Script

The Ice Pirates poster thumbnail
Director:Stewart Raffill
Written by:Stewart Raffill (Author), Stanford Sherman (Author)

Script Synopsis:The time is the distant future, where by far the most precious commodity in the galaxy is water. The last surviving water planet was somehow removed to the unreachable centre of the galaxy at the end of the galactic trade wars. The galaxy is ruled by an evil emperor (John Carradine) presiding over a trade oligarchy that controls all mining and sale of ice from asteroids and comets.

High Risk Script

High Risk poster thumbnail
Director:Stewart Raffill
Written by:Stewart Raffill (Screenplay), Fernando Celis (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Four American friends, badly needing money, decide to make a commando-like raid into a South American drug lord's compound.

The Philadelphia Experiment Script

The Philadelphia Experiment poster thumbnail
Director:Stewart Raffill
Written by:Wallace C. Bennett (Story), Don Jakoby (Story), Charles Berlitz (Novel), William L. Moore (Novel), William Gray (Screenplay), Michael Janover (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Based on an "actual event" that took place in 1943. About a US Navy Destroyer Escort that disappeared from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, and sent two men 40 years into the future to 1984.