Wild Strawberries

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Director:Ingmar Bergman
Written by:Ingmar Bergman (Screenplay), Ingmar Bergman (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Crotchety retired doctor Isak Borg travels from Stockholm to Lund, Sweden, with his pregnant and unhappy daughter-in-law, Marianne, in order to receive an honorary degree from his alma mater. Along the way, they encounter a series of hitchhikers, each of whom causes the elderly doctor to muse upon the pleasures and failures of his own life. These include the vivacious young Sara, a dead ringer for the doctor's own first love.

Ingmar Bergman Movie Scripts

A few directors have exerted so much influence on cinema as Ingmar Bergman, described by Woody Allen as the greatest film artist since the invention of motion picture camera. During his remarkable career spanning over some five decades, he wrote and directed such masterpieces as The Seventh Seal (1957), The Winter Light (1963), Wild Strawberries (1957), The Silence (1962), Persona (1966), Through the Glass Darkly (1961) and Fanny and Alexander (1982). He mostly explored the existentialist themes of anxiety, death, faith and insanity in his films. Other than cinema, he was also an active and productive director in theater. The stress that he laid upon the characters in his films and the efficient presentation of the feelings behind them is virtually unmatched. His scripts discuss the characters and their innermost fears, hopes and desires in great details.

Three of Ingmar Bergman’s films (The Virgin Spring, Through the Glass Darkly and Fanny and Alexander) won Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. He was nominated for ten more Oscars in the categories of Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture. In 1971, he was also awarded the prestigious Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award at the Academy Awards. Bergman has exerted wide influence on directors throughout the world, including the noteworthy Hollywood directors such as Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. Ingmar Bergman mostly wrote his own screenplays, after in depth analysis and months of retrospection. The English titles of  Ingmar Bergman Films, with links to scripts where we found them:

  1. Torment Script (1944)
  2. Crisis  (1946)
  3. It Rains on Our Love  (1946)
  4. Woman Without a Face  (1947)
  5. A Ship to India  (1947)
  6. Music in Darkness  (1948)
  7. Port of Call  (1948)
  8. Eva  (1948)
  9. Prison  (1949)
  10. Thirst  (1949)
  11. To Joy  (1950)
  12. This Can’t Happen Here  (1950)
  13. Summer Interlude  (1951)
  14. Divorced  (1951)
  15. Secrets of Women  (1952)
  16. Summer with Monika  (1953)
  17. Sawdust and Tinsel  (1953)
  18. A Lesson in Love  (1954)
  19. Dreams  (1955)
  20. Smiles of a Summer Night Script (1955)
  21. Last Pair Out  (1956)
  22. The Seventh Seal Script (1957)
  23. Wild Strawberries Script (1957)
  24. Brink of Life  (1958)
  25. The Magician Script (1958)
  26. The Virgin Spring  (1960)
  27. The Devil’s Eye  (1960)
  28. Through a Glass Darkly  (1961)
  29. The Pleasure Garden  (1961)
  30. Winter Light  (1963)
  31. The Silence  (1963)
  32. All These Women  (1964)
  33. Persona Script (Transcript) (1966)  script link 2 ($)
  34. Stimulantia  (1967)
  35. Hour of the Wolf  (1968)
  36. Shame Script (1968)
  37. The Rite  (1969)
  38. The Passion of Anna  (1969)
  39. The Touch  (1971)
  40. Cries and Whispers Script Excerpt (1972)
  41. Scenes from a Marriage  (1973)
  42. The Magic Flute  (1975)
  43. Face to Face Script (1976) ($)
  44. The Serpent’s Egg  (1977)
  45. Autumn Sonata  (1978)
  46. From the Life of the Marionettes  (1980)
  47. Fanny and Alexander Script (1982)
  48. After the Rehearsal Script (1984)
  49. The Blessed Ones  (1986)
  50. The Best Intentions  (1991)
  51. Sunday’s Children  (1992)
  52. Private Confessions  (1996)
  53. In the Presence of a Clown Script (1997)
  54. Faithless  (2000)
  55. Saraband Script (2003)


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It Rains on Our Love(1946)
Woman Without a Face(1947)
A Ship to India(1947)
Music in Darkness(1948)
Port of Call(1948)
To Joy(1950)
This Can’t Happen Here(1950)
Summer Interlude(1951)
Secrets of Women(1952)
Summer with Monika(1953)
Sawdust and Tinsel(1953)
A Lesson in Love(1954)
Smiles of a Summer Night(1955)
Last Pair Out(1956)
The Seventh Seal(1957)
Wild Strawberries(1957)
Brink of Life(1958)
The Magician(1958)
The Virgin Spring(1960)
The Devil’s Eye(1960)
Through a Glass Darkly(1961)
The Pleasure Garden(1961)
Winter Light(1963)
The Silence(1963)
All These Women(1964)
Hour of the Wolf(1968)
The Rite(1969)
The Passion of Anna(1969)
The Touch(1971)
Cries and Whispers(1972)
Scenes from a Marriage(1973)
The Magic Flute(1975)
Face to Face(1976)
The Serpent’s Egg(1977)
Autumn Sonata(1978)
From the Life of the Marionettes(1980)
Fanny and Alexander(1982)
After the Rehearsal(1984)
The Blessed Ones(1986)
The Best Intentions(1991)
Sunday’s Children(1992)
Private Confessions(1996)
In the Presence of a Clown(1997)