For Your Consideration – 2014

Its that time of year where studios are vying for award nominations and publish scripts for all to see. Official nominees will be announced Jan 16, 2014. Here is what we have so far:


  1. 42 Script written by Brian Helgeland
  2. Gravity Script written by Alfonso Cuarón & Jonás Cuarón
  3. Prisoners Script written by Aaron Guzikowski
  4. The Great Gatsby Script written by Baz Luhrmann & Craig Pearce
  5. Despicable Me 2 Script written by Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio
  6. Lone Survivor Script written by Peter Berg
  7. Rush Script written by Peter Morgan
  8. Mud Script written by Jeff Nichols
  9. Before Midnight Script written by Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy
  10. The Invisible Woman Script written by Abi Morgan
  11. Kill Your Darlings Script written by John Krokidas and Austin Bunn
  12. Wadjda Script written by Haifaa Al Mansour
  13. The Past Script written by Asghar Farhadi
  14. The Bling Ring Script written by Sofia Coppola
  15. The Spectacular Now Script written by Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber
  16. Spring Breakers Script written by Harmony Korine
  17. Enough Said Script written by Nicole Holofcener
  18. 12 Years A Slave Script written by John Ridley – winner best adapted screenplay and best picture
  19. The Way Way Back Script written by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash
  20. Lee Daniels’ The Butler Script written by Danny Strong
  21. One Chance Script written by Justin Zackham
  22. Fruitvale Station Script written by Ryan Coogler
  23. The Croods Script written by Kirk DeMicco & Chris Sanders
  24. The Place Beyond the Pines Script written by Derek Cianfrance, Ben Coccio & Darius Marder
  25. Wreck-It Ralph Script
  26. Monsters University Script written by Daniel Gerson, Robert L. Baird & Dan Scanlon
  27. Frankenweenie Script written by John August
  28. Frozen Script written by Jennifer Lee
  29. August: Osage County Script by Tracy Letts
  30. Dallas Buyers Club Script by Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack
  31. The Fifth Estate Script
  32. Nebraska Script by Robert W. Nelson
  33. Philomena Script by Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope
  34. Short Term 12 by Destin Daniel Cretton
  35. The Wolf of Wall Street by Terence Winter
  36. Labor Day Script by Jason Reitman
  37. Saving Mr. Banks Script by Kelly Marcel and Sue Smith
  38. All Is Lost Script by J.C. Chandor

2012 Oscar Nominee Scripts

‘Tis Oscar season and for those of us looking for scripts on the internet it’s a bonanza.  The studios, in their quest for nominations and awards, made their candidates’ scripts available (and in PDF no less !)

Original Screenplay

Adapted Screenplay

Best Motion Picture of the Year

Ingmar Bergman Movie Scripts

A few directors have exerted so much influence on cinema as Ingmar Bergman, described by Woody Allen as the greatest film artist since the invention of motion picture camera. During his remarkable career spanning over some five decades, he wrote and directed such masterpieces as The Seventh Seal (1957), The Winter Light (1963), Wild Strawberries (1957), The Silence (1962), Persona (1966), Through the Glass Darkly (1961) and Fanny and Alexander (1982). He mostly explored the existentialist themes of anxiety, death, faith and insanity in his films. Other than cinema, he was also an active and productive director in theater. The stress that he laid upon the characters in his films and the efficient presentation of the feelings behind them is virtually unmatched. His scripts discuss the characters and their innermost fears, hopes and desires in great details.

Three of Ingmar Bergman’s films (The Virgin Spring, Through the Glass Darkly and Fanny and Alexander) won Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. He was nominated for ten more Oscars in the categories of Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture. In 1971, he was also awarded the prestigious Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award at the Academy Awards. Bergman has exerted wide influence on directors throughout the world, including the noteworthy Hollywood directors such as Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. Ingmar Bergman mostly wrote his own screenplays, after in depth analysis and months of retrospection. The English titles of  Ingmar Bergman Films, with links to scripts where we found them:

  1. Torment Script (1944)
  2. Crisis  (1946)
  3. It Rains on Our Love  (1946)
  4. Woman Without a Face  (1947)
  5. A Ship to India  (1947)
  6. Music in Darkness  (1948)
  7. Port of Call  (1948)
  8. Eva  (1948)
  9. Prison  (1949)
  10. Thirst  (1949)
  11. To Joy  (1950)
  12. This Can’t Happen Here  (1950)
  13. Summer Interlude  (1951)
  14. Divorced  (1951)
  15. Secrets of Women  (1952)
  16. Summer with Monika  (1953)
  17. Sawdust and Tinsel  (1953)
  18. A Lesson in Love  (1954)
  19. Dreams  (1955)
  20. Smiles of a Summer Night Script (1955)
  21. Last Pair Out  (1956)
  22. The Seventh Seal Script (1957)
  23. Wild Strawberries Script (1957)
  24. Brink of Life  (1958)
  25. The Magician Script (1958)
  26. The Virgin Spring  (1960)
  27. The Devil’s Eye  (1960)
  28. Through a Glass Darkly  (1961)
  29. The Pleasure Garden  (1961)
  30. Winter Light  (1963)
  31. The Silence  (1963)
  32. All These Women  (1964)
  33. Persona Script (Transcript) (1966)  script link 2 ($)
  34. Stimulantia  (1967)
  35. Hour of the Wolf  (1968)
  36. Shame Script (1968)
  37. The Rite  (1969)
  38. The Passion of Anna  (1969)
  39. The Touch  (1971)
  40. Cries and Whispers Script Excerpt (1972)
  41. Scenes from a Marriage  (1973)
  42. The Magic Flute  (1975)
  43. Face to Face Script (1976) ($)
  44. The Serpent’s Egg  (1977)
  45. Autumn Sonata  (1978)
  46. From the Life of the Marionettes  (1980)
  47. Fanny and Alexander Script (1982)
  48. After the Rehearsal Script (1984)
  49. The Blessed Ones  (1986)
  50. The Best Intentions  (1991)
  51. Sunday’s Children  (1992)
  52. Private Confessions  (1996)
  53. In the Presence of a Clown Script (1997)
  54. Faithless  (2000)
  55. Saraband Script (2003)


Some useful Bergman links:

Ingmar Bergman Foundation – Film facts, plots, quotes, cast

Bergmanorama – Site with reviews, analysis, cast and credits


It Rains on Our Love(1946)
Woman Without a Face(1947)
A Ship to India(1947)
Music in Darkness(1948)
Port of Call(1948)
To Joy(1950)
This Can’t Happen Here(1950)
Summer Interlude(1951)
Secrets of Women(1952)
Summer with Monika(1953)
Sawdust and Tinsel(1953)
A Lesson in Love(1954)
Smiles of a Summer Night(1955)
Last Pair Out(1956)
The Seventh Seal(1957)
Wild Strawberries(1957)
Brink of Life(1958)
The Magician(1958)
The Virgin Spring(1960)
The Devil’s Eye(1960)
Through a Glass Darkly(1961)
The Pleasure Garden(1961)
Winter Light(1963)
The Silence(1963)
All These Women(1964)
Hour of the Wolf(1968)
The Rite(1969)
The Passion of Anna(1969)
The Touch(1971)
Cries and Whispers(1972)
Scenes from a Marriage(1973)
The Magic Flute(1975)
Face to Face(1976)
The Serpent’s Egg(1977)
Autumn Sonata(1978)
From the Life of the Marionettes(1980)
Fanny and Alexander(1982)
After the Rehearsal(1984)
The Blessed Ones(1986)
The Best Intentions(1991)
Sunday’s Children(1992)
Private Confessions(1996)
In the Presence of a Clown(1997)

Links to 2011 Oscar Nominee Scripts

‘Tis Oscar season and for those of us looking for scripts on the internet it’s a bonanza.  The studios, in their quest for nominations and awards, made their candidates’ scripts available (and in PDF no less !)  This year’s list of screenplay  candidates (original and adapted) almost matches the Best Picture nominee list. The exceptions are Black Swan which did not get a screenplay nod and Another Year which didn’t make it on the best picture list.

Original Screenplay

Adapted Screenplay

Best Motion Picture of the Year