Top 6 Prison Film Scripts

Films have the ability to take a person to a different world that they may never have experienced in their lifetime. Sometimes, the places a film shows are not very pretty. Prison films show a world that is weaved into every society, but is often not experienced by the majority. Anyone who has been to prison often describes the place to be a dark, cruel place where the rules of society are broken and a new order reigns over the lives of the inhabitants

It’s difficult to show this kind of world or explain it in a way that makes sense. The following scripts were written by people who attempted to show the prison structure of their time in the most poignant way possible. By reading these scripts, a person will have a perspective into the ever-changing world of prisons that are continually evolving and changing with each coming generation.


  1. (1967) Cool Hand Luke
  2. (1973) Papillon
  3. (1994) The Shawshank Redemption
  4. (1998) American History X
  5. (1999) The Green Mile
  6. (2000) O Brother Where Art Thou