Top 7 Vietnam Film Scripts

Vietnam: the war that divided a country, gave birth to hippies, and started a new music revolution. Despite what people may feel about the war, Vietnam was the starting point for a lot of changes. Gone are the days when Americans used to band together during a time of war. Now there are protestors who believe more in themselves than in following orders.

Given this change of perspective, a Vietnam war film is much different than the patriotic war films of the World War 2 era. These films show gritty life, pessimistic outcomes, and psychological damage to the full extent. There are many great films that have been inspired by the anti-war movement and the Vietnam war, but none so much as the ones listed here.

By reading these scripts, a person will learn how to write a war script that brings out the psychological harm, personal struggles and indecision that was prevalent during the Vietnam war.

  1. (1979) Apocalypse Now Script
  2. (1979) The Deer Hunter Script
  3. (1986) Platoon Script
  4. (1987) Full Metal Jacket Script
  5. (1987) Good Morning Vietnam Script
  6. (1989) Born on the 4th of July Script
  7. (1994) Forrest Gump Script