Alex Garland Movie Scripts

Though he was born in London, he spent most of his teenage years travelling all around Europe and Asia, which served as inspiration for his first novel. The Beach became an instant phenomenon among young European readers, and was promptly adapted by popular British director Danny Boyle with Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead.

Garland, who was just 26 at the time he published his first novel, had plenty of artistic ambitions that didn’t confine themselves to literature. Shortly after his first collaboration with Boyle, he would start writing screenplays – the first of which, 28 Days Later, became a modern horror classic, and he would collaborate once again with Boyle for a notable incursion in science fiction with Sunshine.

Garland is one of the best examples of the influence of nerd culture in today’s art. His broad knowledge of fantasy, sci-fi, gaming, literature, and comic-books have paved the way for his very particular niche, working as a writer in both films and video games, and recently switching to the director’s chair with two acclaimed titles: Ex Machina and Annihilation. He is also an avid traveller, especially backpacking.

(2000) The Beach (based on a novel by)

(2002) 28 Days Later

(2003) Tesseract (based on a novel by)

(2007) Sunshine

(2010) Never Let Me Go

(2012) Dredd

(2014) Ex Machina

(2018) Annihilation