John Carpenter Film Scripts

When it comes to cult classics from the 80’s, leaving John Carpenter out of the conversation would almost equal to an artistic sin. Despite early struggles in the industry, Carpenter established his very particular personality as a filmmaker from the beginning with the sci-fi comedy Dark Star.

Turning low-budget projects into straightforward but delightfully enjoyable movies was one of Carpenter’s trademarks. Few other directors dominated the late 70’s and early 80’s commercially as he did, and though his streak was cut with the poorly received The Thing, it would eventually become a cult horror film.

Highly imaginative, Carpenter enjoys bringing a strong sense of humor into his stories. This playfulness has produced many films that often go over the top and do not take themselves too seriously (Escape from New York, They Live), though he has also proved his mastery at conveying horror and tension (The Fog, Vampires).

Carpenter is also known for frequently composing the music for his own films –another one of the elements that cemented his reputation as a multi-faceted artist and cult director.

(1974) Dark Star
(1976) Assault on Precinct 13
(1978) Halloween
(1980) The Fog
(1981) Escape From New York
(1981) Halloween 2
(1982) The Thing
(1983) Christine
(1984) Starman
(1986) Black Moon Rising
(1986) Big Trouble in Little China
(1987) Prince of Darkness
(1988) They Live
(1992) Memoirs of an Invisible Man
(1995) Village of the Damned
(1995) In the Mouth of Madness
(1996) Escape From L.A.
(1998) Vampires
(2001) Ghosts of Mars