Kevin Smith Scripts

Recognized for his sharp dialogue and witty banter, Kevin Smith has garnered a following that has elevated his work far beyond cult-hit status. With his own brand of cheeky comedy and interesting characters, Smith has been touted as one of the funniest scriptwriters in Hollywood.

Although that may not hold true when it comes to worldwide box-office receipts, his small budget style of production has always made his unique style of filmmaking both entertaining and lucrative.

See below for a complete list of his feature-length screenwriting works:

1. Zack and Miri Make a Porno Script (Dialogue Transcript)(2008)
2. Clerks 2 Script $ (for Purchase) (2006)
3. Jersey Girl Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2004)
4. Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back Script (2001)
5. Dogma Script (1999)
6. Chasing Amy Script (1997)
7. Mallrats Script $ (for Purchase) (1995)
8. Clerks Script (1994)