Steven Spielberg Movie Scripts

Steven Spielberg may be one of the most widely-recognized living filmmakers of our time. Though his directorial efforts have garnered him the most acclaim, his work as a producer has managed to make possible some of the most widely successful films in the past decade.

From aliens to dinosaurs, high-adventure to historical dramas, Spielberg continues to keep the spectacle of movies alive and fresh for audiences young and old.

Check out a collection of his feature length scripts below:

1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Script (2008)
2. Munich Script (2005)
3. War of the Worlds Script (2005)
4. The Terminal Script (2004)
5. Catch Me If You Can Script (2002)
6. Minority Report Script (2002)
7. A.I Artificial Intelligence Script (2001)
8. Saving Private Ryan Script (1998)
9. Amistad Script (1997) ($)  (alternate $)
10. The Lost World: Jurrasic Park Script (1993)
11. Schindler’s List Script (1993)
12. Jurassic Park Script (1993)
13. Hook Script (1991)
14. Always Script (1989)
15. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Script (1989)
16. Empire of the Sun Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1987)
17. The Color Purple Script (1985)
18. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Script (1984)
19. E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial Script (1982)
20. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Script (1981)
21. 1941 Script (1979)
22. Close Encounters of the Third Kind Script (1974)
23. Jaws Script (1975)
24. The Sugarland Express Script  (1974)
25. Firelight Script (1964)

Tom Clancy Movie Scripts

Tom Clancy may not be a screenplay writer, per se, but his iconic novels on military espionage have managed to inspire some of the most successful military thrillers in cinema. His writings have also gone on to thrive outside of the movie theater and unto various reincarnations such as television and video games. 

And with a new Tom Clancy based military thriller already in the works for next year, it looks like it’ll be only a matter of time before audiences are greeted with another Clancy quality classic.

Here are a collection of feature-length scripts adapting his works:

1. Sum of All Fears Script (2002)
2. Clear and Present Danger Script (1994) (PDF Download)
3. Patriot Games Script (1992) (Dialogue Transcript)
4. The Hunt for Red October Script (1990)

Top 5 Movie Comic Book Adaptations

Superheroes aren’t the only comic book properties that are squeezing their way into cinemas these days. Comics are turning into such hot properties that even lesser known franchises are catching Hollywood’s eye. See just how well Hollywood’s top comic properties have jumped from the comic panels to the big screen.

Check out our Top 5 Movie Comic Adaptations below:

1. The Watchmen Script (2009)
2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Script (PDF Download) (2010)
3. The Losers Script (PDF Download) (2010)
4. Red Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2010)
5. 300 Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2010)

Chronicles of Narnia Movie Scripts

The Chronicles of Narnia may not be as big a cash cow as its Twilight and Harry Potter counterparts, but the Narnia franchise has definitely been around longer with a much more diverse fan base. Because of this, Walden Media has been keen on making sure to keep the Narnia films coming for as long as there are books to be make them from.

Check out a collection of Chronicles of Narnia movie scripts below:

3. The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)

Top 5 Gambling Movies

Gambling has always been one of Hollywood’s favorite movie milieus. Whether it’s at the poker, blackjack or craps table, at the casino or amongst back-alley bet setters, nothing turns up the heat like a good old fashioned bluff.

Here are the scripts of our Top 5 Gambling Movies.

1. Casino Script (1995)
2. Rounders Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1998)
3. Maverick Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1994)
4. 21 Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2008)
5. The Cooler Script (2003)

David O. Russel Movie Scripts

It’s no surprise that writer-director David O. Russel is one of the hottest names in Hollywood right now.Nabbing back-to-back  nominations at this year’s Golden Globe and Academy Awards for his recently released The Fighter (2010) has gotten critics and audiences  captivated with his deft sense of storytelling and filmmaking.

Check out a compilation of his feature length works below:

1. The Fighter Script (2010)
2. I Heart Huckabees Script ($) (2004)
3. Three Kings Script (1999)
4. Flirting with Disaster Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1996)
5. Spanking the Monkey Script ($) (1994)

Top 5 Sports Movies Scripts

Hollywood has loved sports for as long as there’s been a camera to film it. Hinging on the drama of competition and the thrill of glory, sports films have always managed to unite audiences through our unspoken need to root for the underdog.

This week, we take a look at the Top 5 Sports Movies Scripts of all time. Check out the list below for those who’ve managed to reach the finish line with a medal around their necks.

1. A League of Their Own Script $ (for Purchase) (1992)
2. Any Given Sunday Script (1999)
3. For Love of the Game Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1999)
4. Tin Cup Script (1996)
5. He Got Game Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1998)

Kevin Smith Scripts

Recognized for his sharp dialogue and witty banter, Kevin Smith has garnered a following that has elevated his work far beyond cult-hit status. With his own brand of cheeky comedy and interesting characters, Smith has been touted as one of the funniest scriptwriters in Hollywood.

Although that may not hold true when it comes to worldwide box-office receipts, his small budget style of production has always made his unique style of filmmaking both entertaining and lucrative.

See below for a complete list of his feature-length screenwriting works:

1. Zack and Miri Make a Porno Script (Dialogue Transcript)(2008)
2. Clerks 2 Script $ (for Purchase) (2006)
3. Jersey Girl Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2004)
4. Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back Script (2001)
5. Dogma Script (1999)
6. Chasing Amy Script (1997)
7. Mallrats Script $ (for Purchase) (1995)
8. Clerks Script (1994)

Paul Thomas Anderson Scripts

Even with only five feature length films to his writer / director credit, Paul Thomas Anderson (better known as PTA in professional circles) has already been credited as one of the most important filmmakers working today.

His academy-award nominated film There Will Be Blood (2007) has been praised by critics as one of the best films of the past decade. His powerful sense of character and masterful use of emotion on the written page is brought to even fuller effect when translated to the big screen.

Browse through the complete collection of Paul T. Anderson’s scripts below:

1. There Will Be Blood Script (2007) (PDF Download)
3. Magnolia Script (1999)
5. Hard Eight Script (1996) (Dialogue Transcript)