Hipster Film Scripts

Every generation of Americans have a distinct style and voice that is uniquely their own. In the 1960’s, the hippie movement spawned its own fashion, literature, speech and films. The same can be said for the 1950’s as well as every other generation. It’s usually not easy to recognize the distinctive voice of a generation until it is already outdated, and that can be said about the most recent generation of young people.

While there have been many popular genres of style, (emo, scene, raver, etc.) one style that has infiltrated the film world in record numbers is the “hipster” style. Curly mustaches, old fashioned farmer clothes and a desire to retreat from industrialization has been the theme of these kids. While they embrace technology, in particular Mac products, they also feel the need to retreat out of the mainstream consumer culture into an old fashioned way of life.

The following films are considered “hipster” films in general. Perhaps not all members of the hipster movement embrace these films equally; however, the themes and style of film making in these movies are distinguishable from past generations of film. Many of the films focus on finding true meaning outside of a consumer culture. The actors are
distinguishable by their lack of emotion or by their strange but endearing personal quirks.

In the future, there will be generations of young people who will probably start a cult following of these hipster movies and desire to create movies similar to them. The formula to making a hipster film is locked within these following films, waiting to be taken apart and examined. If a person can create a formula for making a hipster-styled film, they will be prepared for the future days when making a hipster movie is a new form of kitsch.


  1. (2004) Garden State Script
  2.  (2001) Wet Hot American Summer
  3. (2001) The Royal Tenenbaums Script
  4. (2005) Hard Candy Script
  5. (2006) Wristcutters: A Love Story
  6. (2006) Little Miss Sunshine Script
  7. (2007) Charlie Bartlett Script
  8. (2007) Juno Script
  9. (2007) Lars and the Real Girl Script
  10. (2007) Into the Wild Script
  11. (2007) Across the Universe [Transcript]
  12. (2008) Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist [Transcript]
  13. (2010) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Script


“Coming of Age” Film Scripts

Life can be hard for a teenager – regardless of what time era they were born in. The pressure to do drugs, party, meet the “right one” and make decisions for the first time are things that all American people must go through at one time or another in their lives. However, some people go through it slightly differently.

The following scripts are composed of some of the weirdest and somewhat absurd movies that have been made in the last couple decades about teenagers “coming of age.” While most kids worry about getting caught with cigarettes, these kids have much bigger problems.

Take for instance the teenage boy who dreams of having a girlfriend but can’t because of his slight obstacle of having a disease that forces him to live in a giant bubble. Or the group of teenage girls who are sick of being sexually harassed by their teacher and decide to take it out on him using their fists.

The purpose of films like these are two-fold. On one hand, they provide entertaining stories that interest teenagers. They have teenage humor, problems and solutions all tied together in to one eventful story. The second purpose that the films have, however, is to provide something to compare teenage angst to- a way to show kids that their lives are not as bad as they think!

While kids may stryggke with parents, teachers and other peers, at least they don’t have to deal with being pregnant by their best friend (well, at least most teenagers don’t) as in Juno (2007) or having to drive a time machine car back in time to escape Libyan terrorists (i.e. Back to the Future (1985)). Needless to say, these film scripts will never go out of fashion, as long as there are angsty young teens looking for an escape.

  1. (1985) Back to the Future Script
  2. (1988) Heathers Script
  3. (1996) Foxfire Script [For Purchase]
  4. (2001) Donnie Darko Script
  5. (2007) Juno Script


If you know an angsty teenage film that you would like to see the script to here, please comment so we can include it in our list!




Juno Script

Juno poster thumbnail
Director:Jason Reitman
Written by:Diablo Cody (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, an offbeat young woman makes an unusual decision regarding her unborn child.

Jason Reitman Movie Scripts

Despite being the son of acclaimed feature-film director Ivan Reitman, writer-director Jason Reitman has already managed to carve a reputation for himself as an outstanding filmmaker.

His unique grasp of character and story has allowed him to breathe life into his own scripts, as well as the scripts of others.

Check out the collection of Jason Reitman’s feature-length scripts below.

1. Up In the Air Script (2009)
2. Juno Script (2007)
3. Thank You For Smoking Script $ (for Purchase) (2005)