Emma Stone Scripts

What is there not to like about Emma Stone? The beautiful 23 year old redhead represents everything good about women. She is good humored, considerate and wears her heart on her sleeve. Some people want to marry her while everyone else wants to be her best friend.

Needless to say, she is fast becoming the sweetheart of the American public. While her career only consists of a few movies, they are all films that characterize the personality that audiences have grown to love about her. Even in the new Spiderman film, her personality shines and transforms her character into something more like herself. She is not becoming the character- the character is becoming her.

Stone will likely have a strong career for a very long time due to her ability to choose roles that portray her as an honorable, good-natured young woman. The more people see this in her, the more they will root for her in every film that she follows in.


  1. (2012) The Amazing Spider-Man
  2. (2011) The Help Script
  3. (2011) Crazy, Stupid, Love
  4. (2011) Friends with Benefits
  5. (2010) Easy A Script
  6. (2010) Marmaduke
  7. (2009) Zombieland Script
  8. (2009) Paper Man
  9. (2009) Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Script
  10. (2008) The House Bunny Script
  11. (2008) The Rocker
  12. (2007) Superbad Script

Alvin Sargent Scripts

Alvin Sargent is considered one of the great veterans of the film industry, having had steady employment since he started working in Hollywood in the 1960’s. The latest film on his record, The Amazing Spider Man (2012) was a profound success in the box office and charmed audiences with a new depiction of the popularly known tale.

Working in a team of four, including creator Stan Lee, Sargent provided his own unique talents and script writing know-how to the tumultuous task of writing a Spiderman film that was fresh, new and original.

Working with a team of other writers can be a difficult task for any screenwriter to attempt, since the diverse backgrounds and styles can easily turn into a battle for power instead of a collaborative Eden of ideas.

However, the resulting film script ties together well and displays a humanitarian story of good vs. evil as well as the beauty of the human spirit.

Sargent’s experience and knowledge of script writing shows just how powerful time can be in developing a person’s writing ability. At 20 years old, a person may not be the best writer. However, if that person persists, the writing they do as a 30 year old (or older) may show just how much talent they have had all the while.



  1. (2012) The Amazing Spider-Man
  2. (2007) Spider-Man 3  [Transcript]
  3. (2004) Spider-Man 2 [Transcript]
  4. (2002) Unfaithful [Transcript]
  5. (1999) Anywhere But Here [Transcript]
  6. (1996) Bogus
  7. (1991) Hero [Transcript]
  8. (1991) Other People’s Money
  9. (1991) What About Bob? Script
  10. (1990) White Palace [Transcript]
  11. (1988) Dominick and Eugene Script [For Purchase- $15]
  12. (1987) Nuts
  13. (1980) Ordinary People Script  
  14. (1978) Straight Time Script [For Purchase]
  15. (1977) Julia
  16. (1977) Bobby Deerfield
  17. (1973) Paper Moon Script
  18. (1973) Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing
  19. (1972) The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds Script
  20. (1972) Footsteps
  21. (1971) The Impatient Heart
  22. (1970) I Walk the Line
  23. (1969) The Sterile Cuckoo
  24. (1968) The Stalking Moon